GE Healthcare Announces Development of New Applications for Caradigm Intelligence Platform

GE Healthcare will demonstrate application prototypes in Caradigm booth at HIMSS 2013 Conference

NEW ORLEANS – March 4, 2013 – At the HIMSS 2013 Conference and Exhibition today, GE Healthcare announced it is developing two new applications for the Caradigm Intelligence Platform.  With these new applications, healthcare organizations will be able to gain near real-time visibility into the operations of their emergency rooms and their bed management processes, thus enabling these organizations to better utilize their resources to improve the quality of care delivery while reducing cost.

GE Healthcare will demonstrate prototypes of these new applications in the Caradigm booth at the HIMSS 2013 Conference.  The two applications that GE Healthcare is developing for the Caradigm Intelligence Platform are:

GE Healthcare Guided Analytics– An application that combines data visualization with domain expertise to help healthcare organizations analyze and manage emergency department visits.  By providing situational awareness and identifying causal factors, Guided Analytics reveals insights that can be used to improve care transitions and care delivery effectiveness.

GE Healthcare AutoBedAn operations decision support application that helps optimize in-patient bed assignments so that resources are used most efficiently and effectively.   Driven by a sophisticated yet customizable many-to-many optimization algorithm, the application helps bed managers assign the right bed to the right patient at the right time.  

Commercial availability for these two applications will be announced at a later date.

Caradigm is a 50-50 joint venture formed by GE Healthcare and Microsoft Corp. in June 2012.   The Caradigm Intelligence Platform is a flexible, cloud-based solution designed to help healthcare organizations improve quality, optimize revenue and cost, and manage population health through the use of near real-time data.  

“When we formed Caradigm last year, we had a vision of leveraging strong technology and deep healthcare expertise to drive systemic change for healthcare,” said Jan De Witte, president and CEO of GE Healthcare IT and Performance Solutions, and a member of Caradigm’s Board of Directors.  “Our development of these two applications is a strong statement of GE Healthcare’s commitment to make Caradigm successful.  We expect many other vendors in the healthcare industry to follow our lead and develop applications that leverage the powerful capabilities of the Caradigm Intelligence Platform.”  

The Caradigm Intelligence Platform and select applications are available now, with additional applications expected to become available beginning summer 2013.

At booth 1323, Caradigm is also demonstrating the full complement of its integrated health IT solutions including:

·        Caradigm Health Information Exchange – a secure, standards-based infrastructure that connects clinical data from disparate systems to provide near real-time access to comprehensive patient records at the point of care, helping support decisions, drive greater productivity, reduce redundancy and optimize outcomes.

·        Caradigm’s comprehensive suite of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions for healthcare is designed to help providers manage the complete lifecycle of user access to applications and data—enabling caregivers to stay focused on patients rather than technology, improving the workload and efficiency of IT and security professionals, and helping the organization to improve patient safety and more easily comply with security and privacy regulations.

“Our solutions address the full spectrum of needs for organizations striving to achieve integrated, accountable care,” said Brandon Savage, Chief Medical Officer, Caradigm. “This means not just connecting data across boundaries but allowing extended care teams to collaborate effectively across the continuum to improve the outcomes of individual patients and populations.”

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