e5000 Tele-Medicine cart offers powerful tools for remote consults

CANTON, Mich. – Enovate unlocks the full power of tele-medicine with the e5000
cart equipped with high-definition video and audio in a compact, durable package
that is easy to use and effortlessly mobile.

The e5000 is designed to meet FDA Class 1 MDDS requirements, and has a pan/tilt/
zoom camera, 22-inch high-definition LCD monitor with built-in speakers, codec,
SLA battery power and microphone. It can be equipped with a locking drawer, work
surface, storage basket and various other attachments for medical equipment.

“The e5000 makes mobile video conferencing possible anywhere it’s needed,” said
Kevin L’Heureux, Enovate’s tele-presence product manager. ”Its scalability, mobility
and adjustability make it perfect for patient rooms, emergency and operating
rooms, labs, radiology centers, nurse stations or doctor’s offices.”

The e5000’s 1080p high-definition resolution and 60 frames-per-second provides
one of the sharpest, smoothest pictures on the market. Data compression helps
users reduce their bandwidth needs and cost. It also offers an advance plug-n-
play scaler that allows additional analogue peripherals to connect effortlessly to the

Electronic height adjustment and independently adjustable work surfaces allow
clinicians to work in comfort whether they are sitting or standing so they can focus
attention on the patient.

Small, lightweight and easy to maneuver in tight areas, Enovate’s concave base
design and smooth-rolling casters glide easily around corners and across hard floors
or carpeting.

About Enovate
Headquartered in Canton, Michigan, Enovate is a leading international provider
of mobile and wall-mounted computer workstations for healthcare, office and
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