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It’s been a really exciting period for Hospital EMR and EHR. I’ve been really proud of what we’ve built. Anne Zieger has been writing some really great content and I try to supplement it where I can. Thanks to that, the site has had a steady stream of traffic and we’ll soon have over 1000 email subscribers from most major hospital institutions. Not too bad for a relatively new blog that’s focused on such a tight niche.

Plus, we’ve recently gotten the support of a number of really amazing advertising partners. Without them, the work we do covering the hospital EMR and EHR world wouldn’t be possible. So, if you enjoy reading this site, then please take a moment to check out the following new advertisers.

Canon – I think we’re all quite familiar with Canon. They’re a great company that creates a lot of great products. The best product they make for healthcare is their high volume scanners (Although, I bet their printer division might argue this). I personally have a Canon high volume scanner by my work desk and I love it. While we’d love to get rid of paper in this new EHR world, it’s just not possible. So, a high volume scanner is a must. The Canon scanners are well worth checking out.

iChartsMD – iChartsMD recently launched their new Emergency Deparatment EHR software. They’ve been working hard in the EHR space to offer an affordable EHR that still can handle a fast moving workflow environment like in the ED. If you’re looking for an ED EHR solution, take a moment and check out what iChartsMD has created.

Caristix – When I first met Caristix, I could immediately tell that they were HL7 Interface experts. Everything about them, their website, and even their detailed HL7 Survival guide is focused on making HL7 easy for healthcare. Kind of reminds me of my post about the need for Interoperability Action, Not Talk. In order to make this a reality, we need more companies like Caristix that make HL7 interoperability easy.

A big thanks to all of these advertisers for their support. Also, thanks for reading the site. None of these advertisers would support us if you didn’t read. Hopefully we can continue to bring you great content about the crazy, fun, and exciting hospital health IT space.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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