EMRapproved and HealthITxChange Collaborate to Benefit Healthcare and IT Professionals in the Adoption of Health IT

Partnership debuts at HIMSS13 in New Orleans

CHICAGO, Feb. 25, 2013 – Chicago health information technology (health IT) company EMRapproved is announcing a new collaboration with HealthITxChange, an online community where healthcare practitioners and health IT professionals share best practices and lessons learned throughout their electronic health record (EMR/EHR) implementation and ongoing health IT lifecycle.

The collaboration brings together both sites’ audiences who will share information and resources to benefit the health IT community at large. HealthITxChange partner organizations include the AHIMA Foundation, the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), the American Nurses Association (ANA) and Health Level Seven International (HL7).

“EMRapproved is committed to providing comprehensive resources for the adoption of health information technology and electronic health records (EMR/EHR) for industry professionals,” explained EMRapproved CEO Kevin Donnelly. “HealthITxChange is unique in that they create an interactive and engaged community where members share knowledge and exchange ideas. Our mutual focus and priorities make this a truly strategic partnership.”

Combining the collaborative nature of a forum with the oversight of a medical publication, HealthITxChange brings together clinicians and health IT professionals to share their knowledge and best practices through “pearls” of information to summarize their collective experiences. These pearls are linked to in-depth discussions which provide users with the details of real life encounters on the road to implementation and Meaningful Use.

Visitors to EMRapproved.com, in particular the 900+ members of its 4Med Pro Network of consultants, will benefit from seamless access to the HealthITxChange pearls – and thus the collective wisdom and best practices of this thriving community.

Completing the collaboration, EMRapproved will link its 4Med Marketplace to the new HealthITxChange site. The 4Med Marketplace will provide a gateway for HealthITxChange members to access education and certification courses; EMR-related products; and consulting services (through the EMRapproved 4Med Pro Network).

“HealthITxChange’s primary goal is to foster community and collaboration among healthcare and health IT professionals. We are excited to unveil our added functionality that will support community collaboration,” said Helga Rippen, MD, PhD, chair of the HealthITxChange executive council. “By partnering with EMRapproved we are able to generate funds to continue to enhance the site but also provide our members access to the 4Med Marketplace, where they will find valuable, relevant resources all in one location.”

EMRapproved and HealthITxChange will be exhibiting at the HIMSS13 Annual Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans at adjacent booths (#7916 and #7914) to highlight the benefits of the collaboration for the health IT industry. Show attendees will be able to see demonstrations of the various components of the collaboration, register for community membership, and become marketplace sponsors and benefactors of the organizations. Booth interaction opportunities include on-demand new sponsor signup; site resource demonstrations, side-by-side product comparisons and more.

HealthITxChange is supported by Westat Insight — Center for Health Information Technology for the Rockville Institute for the Advancement of Social Sciences, a 501(c)(3) charitable, tax-exempt organization whose mission is to advance the social sciences by conducting research and disseminating research findings to the public.

About the Rockville Institute

A Research Institute for the Advancement of Social Science is a non-profit (501c3) organization that operates exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes. Westat is an affiliate organization of the Rockville Institute and makes its full range of corporate resources available to the Institute to perform Institute contracts and grants. Visit http://www.HealthITxChange.org.

About EMRapproved

EMRapproved is a robust health information technology (health IT) and electronic medical record (EMR) resource, providing assistance to professionals at all stages of the health IT implementation process by providing access to invaluable content, community, curriculum and consulting resources in one centralized location. The company offers free industry updates, tools and resources, including topical industry update columns HITAnswers and HITSecurity; provides education, certification and career retraining programs through its 4Med Pro Training program; and facilitates online networking, collaboration and professional consultation through its 4Med Pro Network. Support for the free resources available from EMRapproved is provided by sponsors of its new 4Med Marketplace, where users can buy health IT-related products and services. Learn more at http://www.emrapproved.com/.