Speech Recognition Tools Look to Play a Crucial Role within EMR

KLAS’ 2013 look at speech recognition vendors provides key insights for providers

OREM, Utah – Thursday, February 14, 2013 – Speech recognition vendors hope that just as front-end and back-end speech technology proved to cut costs and improve efficiency for transcription and image documentation, similar efficiencies can be found for EMR. This and other insights can be found in a new KLAS report titled Speech Recognition 2013: Going from Back to Front and Beyond.

Through various discussions with providers, KLAS provides key insights into the current state of speech recognition vendors and future considerations. The report touches on early leaders, market share, and front- and back-end innovations. Provider satisfaction with vendors as well as peer recommendations is also shared.

“There is a lot of interesting movement in regard to vendors in this space,” said Ben Brown, research director and report author. “For example, MModal, like some of the other vendors, shows a significant increase in service scores with their back-end solution, yet they show a significant decrease in the same category for their front-end solution. It’s important for providers to know this before they move forward with a vendor.”

Other vendors highlighted in this report include Agfa, Dolbey, and Nuance. To learn more about the speech recognition vendors and findings in this study as well as related reports that will publish in 2013, check out the full report, Speech Recognition 2013: Going from Back to Front and Beyond. This report is available to healthcare providers at a significant discount. To purchase, visit www.KLASresearch.com/KLASreports.

About KLAS
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