Providers Say Agfa Healthcare Has Room for Improvement as an Imaging Partner

OREM, Utah – Wednesday, February 20, 2013 – Agfa HealthCare’s stated core belief is centered around helping imaging providers succeed, yet a majority of  U.S. clients interviewed by KLAS report gaps in reaching desired results when using Agfa as a vendor. The reasons and other details can be found in the new KLAS vendor-specific report Agfa HealthCare Study 2013: Partnering with Agfa in 2013.

Throughout 2012, KLAS published a series of reports focused on imaging solutions. These reports, as well as discussions with providers, revealed that Agfa was losing client loyalty in some areas due to weak customer relations. In order to further understand this situation, KLAS launched a performance study to specifically evaluate Agfa. With the exception of x-ray equipment and speech recognition systems, Agfa receives second-tier scores across their suite of imaging solutions. However, as provider concerns grow around Agfa as a partner, there is a clear opportunity for Agfa-and other imaging vendors-to improve in helping their clients succeed.

Even with the challenges Agfa faces, they are showing early signs of success and leadership in several aspects of enterprise imaging. One of Agfa’s strengths is scaling IMPAX PACS in large, complex provider organizations. Scalability is an attribute that is important to some providers.

“This report is aimed not just at measuring how well Agfa is currently delivering synergistic solutions to their clients,” says Matt Terry, research director at KLAS and report author, “but its purpose is to also look into user perceptions and provider confidence in moving forward with Agfa.”

Other imaging vendors mentioned in this report include Merge Healthcare, McKesson, FUJIFILM, GE Healthcare, Philips, Carestream, and Siemens. To learn more about this vendor-specific report, the strategic imaging partners in the study, and the related reports published in 2012, providers and vendors can check out the full report, Agfa HealthCare Study 2013: Partnering with Agfa in 2013. This is a vendor-specific report and is available to healthcare providers at a significant discount. To purchase, visit

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