Organizations Use Shareable Ink to Preserve Clinically-Rich Documentation While Liberating Structured Data for Insight and Prediction 

Nashville, TN (January 21, 2013) Shareable Ink®, an enterprise cloud computing company that transforms point-of-care clinical documentation to structured data and analytics, today announced it has experienced 300 percent year-over-year growth and has doubled its team since January 2012.  Demand has been fueled by new products, such as Shareable Ink Anesthesia Cloud, a Meaningful Use-certified, portable anesthesia EHR that can be used in any environment, and Shareable Ink Patient Cloud, a self-service patient registration tool that populates the EHR with Meaningful Use and other data gathered directly from the patient.  Shareable Ink has also added multiple new hospital and provider group customers over the last year, another important validation of its offering a complete suite of data-driven clinical documentation solutions.

Organizations, including Tri-State Memorial Hospital & Medical Campus (Clarkston, Wash.),

Compass Anesthesia Services Group (Kingwood, Texas) and Merrick Management (Lexington, Ky.) have selected Shareable Ink Anesthesia Cloud to create useful structured data at the point of care – directly from the source of the information (patients and physicians). The data is then analyzed to provide new insights into the organizations’ operations and shared with external systems and national registries.

“Medical specialties, like anesthesia, are increasingly confronted by unprecedented competition and pressures as the traditional business model transitions from ‘pay for presence’ to ‘pay for performance,’” said Stephen S. Hau, President and CEO, Shareable Ink. “The success of products like Anesthesia Cloud validates Shareable Ink’s belief in data liquidity and in providing measurable comparisons and insights to help providers, facilities and the industry in general improve healthcare outcomes.”

Patients, too, are an important source of clinically-rich documentation, and Shareable Ink has recently been implemented at organizations, such as The Center for Orthopedics with EMH Healthcare (Sheffield Village, OH), to easily and effortlessly capture medical history and Meaningful Use data and populate the EHR before the visit even starts, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry by hospital staff.

“The ability to capture and analyze electronic data at the source has become a professional imperative as our industry has begun to realize that greater adoption of EHRs does not mean more or better data, but rather a smarter use of it that goes beyond the retrospective,” said Sheila Tonn-Knopf, Executive Director  at The Center for Orthopedics with EMH Healthcare.  “Shareable Ink’s products offer the easiest capture of structured data at the point of care and prove that investing in and implementing an EHR doesn’t have to be complex, cost-prohibitive or detrimental to our existing clinical process or workflows.”

About Shareable Ink
Shareable Ink helps healthcare organizations of all sizes transition to electronic health records without disruption to workflow or burdensome IT projects. Its enterprise cloud platform leverages natural input tools, including iPads and digital pen and paper technology to support clinicians and patients. The resulting structured and clinically-rich output populates the EHR with discrete data, as if typed in directly. Predictive analytics give hospitals and practices insight into their operations — from a clinical, quality and efficiency standpoint — all previously inaccessible from traditional paper records. For additional information, visit