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EHR Benefit — Space Savings

This is the next installment of EHR Benefits. Some clinics claim that the space saving that comes with having an EHR is definitely a benefit. It’s usually more of a benefit for smaller practices, but can also benefit larger ones. One way is that the elimination of a document room could make room for another office.

Redesigning The Patient Medical Record, the Healthcare Challenge’s Results

This is a guest post by Carl Bergman from EHR Selector. The post dicusses the results of the Healthcare Design Challenge put on by by the VA and the ONC. First place went to Nightingale and second place StudioTACK. There were also a few other rewards given out. Bergman also talks about several problems with this challenge.

Hospital EMR and EHR

Patients Question Clinical Decision Support Use

A new study published in Medical Decision Making found that patients aren’t as thrilled about computer-assisted decision making. The study revealed some interesting findings, like patients don’t trust physicians who use CDS. For those that use this, the study may be a bit unnerving, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

One Vendor’s Take On Building Usable Health IT

This post contains the views of Joe Condurso, president of CEO of health IT vendor PatientSafe, on building usable health IT. He offers several recommendations. They include responding to context, being mobile, and starting from a mobile design.

Smart Phone Healthcare

BlackBerry’s “Hail Mary” Pass for mHealth

Although BlackBerry used to be the device of choice among physicians, it has been crowded out with the introduction of newer devices. However, BlackBerry is trying to get back in the game with the release of some new devices which they believe offer something unique. Will doctors switch back, or is BlackBerry grasping at straws?

Track Infants Growth With BeCuddle iPhone App

A new iPhone app has been released to help parents keep track of their infants growth. BeCuddle has a variety of features, including the ability to track medication, record milestones, and just help a parent make sure their child’s health is right on track.

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