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It seems fitting on Super Bowl week to take a second and look at the advertisers that make what we do here at EMR and HIPAA possible. None of their ads cost $1-2 million like the Super Bowl ads, but if you’re looking for some great Healthcare IT and EHR products then you’ve come to the right place. If you like what we do here at EMR and HIPAA, then take a minute and see the advertisers who like what we do as well.

Also, I have a special ad promotion for new advertisers from now through the middle of February. If you’re interested in knowing the details, drop me a note on our Contact Us page.

New EMR and HIPAA Advertisers
Canon – I can’t imagine anyone reading this needs an introduction to Canon. In the Healthcare IT space they offer a suite of scanners, printers and copiers that are found in healthcare organizations across the country. I even have the Canon imageFORMULA DR-C125 in my house and use it regularly. The need for heavy duty scanners in healthcare isn’t going to go away for a long time. I’m glad to have Canon on board as an advertiser.

iPatientCare – EHR vendors always do well as advertisers on EMR and HIPAA and so it’s great to have iPatientCare as a new advertiser. They provide the full suite of EHR, PMS, PHR, HIE, and Mobile that you could need along with all the important EHR and meaningful use certifications. I see that they’re going to be exhibiting at HIMSS at Booth #5519 if you want to check them out at HIMSS. Plus, I love that their website has an image that says they won 9 TEPR Awards. Many of you probably won’t even know what TEPR is since it’s no longer around. However, TEPR was a conference focused exclusively on EHR (although it was probably called EMR back then since it was before EHR became in Vogue). The fact that they won awards at TEPR shows how long iPatientCare’s been doing EHR.

simplifyMD – I first started working with simplifyMD when they graciously sponsored the New Media Meetup at HIMSS 2012 (The 2013 event will be announced shortly, but save Tuesday, March 5th from 6-8 on your calendar). It was a great event and they were a great sponsor. simplifyMD is a certifed EHR vendor that strives to tailor their EHR workflow to the doctor’s current workflow. Something that dotors love to hear and experience from their EHR. They’re a web based EHR. Plus, they recently came out with these great simplifyMD and EHR cartoons. I’m sure I’ll be featuring more of their cartoons in the future.

Returning EMR and HIPAA Advertisers
Sfax – I call Sfax a returning advertiser because they first started advertising on EMR and HIPAA back in December of 2009. So, they supported EMR and HIPAA back when we were just starting to get some traction. After a short hiatus, they’re back as an advertiser. What many don’t realize is that Sfax handles the faxing for a large number of the EHR vendors out there. While I generally avoid faxing as much as possible, sometimes it can’t be avoided and so I’m always grateful I can just send a fax similar to how I send an email using Sfax. Word on the street is that they have the next version of their software coming out soon. I’m excited to check it out.

Mitochon – Similar to Sfax, Mitochon first started advertising on EMR and HIPAA back in Decmber of 2010. After a short break they’re back again as advertisers. I’ve really enjoyed watching Mitochon mature as a Free EHR vendor (They do offer the full suite of free services: PM, EMR, HIE, etc). When Mitochon first started advertising with me, they were a brand new company with a big vision and lots of ideas, but still a lot of work to do. They’ve come a long way since then with their product and their company. One example of that was in their mobile EHR solution that I wrote about previously.

Renewing EMR and HIPAA Advertisers
A big thanks to all these renewing advertisers. It’s beautiful seeing so many of them supporting us for so long.
Practice Fusion – Advertising since April 2010
EMR Consultant – Advertising since July 2009
Amazing Charts – Advertising since May 2010
Cerner – Advertising since September 2011

I’m very appreciative of those advertisers who support the work we do. As I look at the stats for the advertisers, I’m really happy that we’re providing real value to their companies.

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