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The Fiscal Cliff of Primary Care

Everyone has heard about the Fiscal Cliff that is currently being talked about at the White House, but have you heard about the fiscal cliff of primary care? The Hello Health Blog posted some interesting facts about what they refer to as the fiscal cliff of primary care. At the core of the discussion is whether or not EHR software is a financial win or loss.

Mobile Health Trends and Technology

This post features videos that were taken at the mHealth Summit in Washington D.C. The videos are interviews with various people and describe some of the up and coming mobile health trends and technology. David Collins and Jonathan Dreyer talk about different trends they have seen, and provide a perspective on health applications.

Hospital EMR and EHR

Impossible to Say “Wrong EHR”

The title of this isn’t always true — it is possible for a hospital to have implemented the wrong EHR. However, it’s a hard mistake to admit. Especially with EHRs like Epic, which are highly selective and cost so much money.

Oops! Community Hospitals Unhappy with EMR Purchase

The latest KLAS reports revealed that many community hospitals are disappointed with their EMR, and questioning the purchase. Some of the hospitals are even pulling the systems completely from their practice. This may not be the best solution, but some of these hospitals don’t feel like it is worth the time and effort.

Smart Phone Health Care

Jubilee Health Community and NoMoreClipboard Combine Forces To Help Diabetes Patients

Diabetes is very prevalent in the United States today, and it can be difficult to manage. Jubilee Health Community provided NoMoreClipboard with someone of their diabetic patients to help treat and manage their diabetes. After a year, some interesting results were found. In some cases, the health of a patient who actively used the system increased.

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