Rip & Replace EHR, 3rd Party EHR Connections, and EHR Advice from a Physician

It’s not good for morale, finances, or patient care. Although, it might be better than being stuck with an EHR that is worse for morale, finances and patient care. It’s not an easy decision to switch EHR, but sometimes it’s necessary. Although, this is an almost impossible decision for a hospital. See this post about the “Wrong EHR” conundrum.

I’m not sure how much of this twitter thread will embed. If it doesn’t, then here’s a link to see the full thread. I hope that we can continue to raise the call for more open systems and access to EHR by third party software! Which EHR will set themselves apart in this regard?

Great advice for every doctor when it comes to EMR. It’s a hard shift for many, but I expect Dr. Noah won’t have any issues with this advice.

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  • So far not Epic which has been adopted by the dominant health care systems across Southeastern Wisconsin locking millions of people into crippleware.

    As a developer I’m working on supporting Microsoft Health Vault. It shows a lot of promise for what really matters: you and I.

  • To Dr. Vaughn, I dealt with an orthopedic surgeon who did exactly what you said;he used the EHR to draw the patient into what was going on. In one sense he had it easy; image viewing on the screen inside the EHR, but even when not viewing images he let you know exactly what he was doing on the EHR and always kept fully engaged with the patient. That viewing actually sped up the diagnosis or analysis of progress, and helped it to be more accurate, with likely better results while overall the exam time did not seem to be any longer due to the EHR.

  • To Clinton, while I’m not sure I trust Microsoft to persevere, Health Vault does seem to have a lot of promise, though I worry that the clowns responsible for the Windoze 8 mess may take HV down with them.

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