Jefferson Radiology Deploys Just Associates’ Repair™ for Ongoing MPI Maintenance

Remote management service improves data integrity by speeding identification, elimination of duplicate and overlaid patient records

CENTENNIAL, Colo. – Nov. 26, 2012 – Just Associates, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in data integrity and data quality solutions for healthcare organizations, announced today that Jefferson Radiology will deploy its Repair™ remote master patient index (MPI) management service.

Part of the firm’s comprehensive outsourced patient identity management suite, Repair leverages Just Associates’ highly trained staff and proprietary IDMaster® Duplicate Workflow Software for cost-effective ongoing management of the duplicate validation and reconciliation process. Jefferson Radiology will rely on Repair to maintain the integrity of its patient database, which contains approximately 750,000 records as well as an additional 26,000 referring provider entries.

“Data integrity is Just Associate’s core business. As such, we are confident they have the expertise to deploy effective record-matching, duplicate elimination and audit processes to ensure the integrity of our patient database,” said Michael Quinn, CTO, Jefferson Radiology. “Repair also eliminates the need for us to dedicate internal resources, which are better utilized elsewhere, to the complex task of reconciling duplicate patient records.”

Based in East Hartford, Conn., Jefferson Radiology is the largest radiology private practice group in Connecticut and includes 10 private offices and affiliations with seven regional hospitals. Its fellowship-trained physicians are supported by a sophisticated business and technological infrastructure and offer the full spectrum of diagnostic imaging and interventional services. This includes cardiovascular, neuroradiology, oncology, pediatric, orthopedic imaging and women’s services.

Utilizing Repair provides Jefferson Radiology with several significant benefits over internal MPI management, including:

  • An experienced team providing efficient duplicate validation and resolution seven days a week
  • Ongoing monitoring to prevent new duplicates and other issues from negatively impacting data integrity
  • Elimination of backlogs, overflows and staffing challenges, such as turnover and leave time, that impact productivity levels
  • Significant cost savings or cost-neutral expenses by eliminating the need to  recruit, train and retain qualified internal staff
  • A more accurate count of unique patients to accelerate compliance with several key meaningful use criteria

“A duplicate-free patient database is crucial to Jefferson Radiology’s ability to provide quality care,” said Beth Just, MBA, RHIA, FAHIMA, Just Associates’ CEO and president. “By leveraging Repair and our data integrity expertise, Jefferson Radiology ensures its clinicians have continuous access to accurate patient information, eliminating unnecessary costs and enhancing patient care and safety.”

About Just Associates, Inc.

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