5 Ways Women Sabotage Their HIT Career Advancement

A while back, I wrote a blog post for Healthcare Informatics entitled, “Is There Such a Thing As Interview Foreplay?” discussing a  gender difference that I’ve observed during the interview process.  The bottom line on that post was that it’s always good to keep in mind that female candidates might just be a bit more about the journey than are their male counterparts, and it doesn’t hurt to take a few side trips into small talk land before getting to the destination.   I wouldn’t classify this particular gender difference as a good or bad characteristic – it just is what it is – but as I continue to meet HIT professionals (both male and female), I’ve noticed some common mistakes among my sisters that need immediate correction.  Let’s face it ladies, it’s already tough enough out there. If you find yourself doing any of these five things (sending you to full article on Healthcare Informatics), it’s time to make some changes (and know you’re not alone – I’ve been guilty of every one at one time or another, too).

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Gwen Darling

Gwen Darling is a Search Executive specializing in Healthcare IT, the Founder of Healthcare IT Central (the leading online Career Center for Healthcare IT job seekers and employers), and the Former Editor/Founder of Healthcare IT Today. Gwen also is a featured blogger for Healthcare Informatics magazine.