Meaningful Use for Radiologists – Meaningful Use Monday RSNA12 Edition

This week is the enormous RSNA conference in Chicago. I almost made the trip to the event, but wasn’t able to figure out the logistics. Plus, with a wife and kids the less travel the better. One day I’ll make it to RSNA. Until then, I thought I’d dedicate this edition of Meaningful Use Monday to the radiologists out there.

In short, meaningful use stage 1 was not good for radiologists. Most radiologists saw it as a non-starter for them. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that smaller radiologists couldn’t tell you much of anything about meaningful use stage 1. Meaningful Use stage 2 has made some progress for radiologists, but is unlikely to really get them off the bench and showing meaningful use.

Healthcare IT News has a good article on radiologists and MU where they point out some image centric updates to meaningful use per RSNA:

compliance exemptions for many hospital-based providers who are not involved in their facility’s information technology decisions, a discretionary menu set objective targeted toward diagnostic image accessibility in EHRs, recommendations for radiology-relevant clinical quality measures, more flexible definitions of what constitutes justified EHR, and a consolidation of the eligible hospital and eligible professional technology certification criteria.

Although, the article also points out two other very important points. First, radiology practices will likely forgo participation in the meaningful use program and avoid the EHR financial penalties by way of an exemption. If that exemption ever runs out, then radiologists might change their tune. Although, my guess is that the meaningful use penalties will never be enforced or that there will always be exemptions that radiologists can fall back on.

The second point is even more interesting. Lineage Consulting’s Nakhle suggests that all of the other ordering physicians that are adopting EHR and showing meaningful use might be the real driver for radiologists to get on board meaningful use. I agree that ordering physicians being meaningful users of an EHR is going to change imaging facility requirements. Certainly imaging facilities are going to have to work on new tech workflows, but that doesn’t mean they have to go so far as meet meaningful use. Plus, most imaging facilities are working on these workflows already, so I don’t expect meaningful use will cause much change.

I’m sure this will be a huge topic of discussion at RSNA. If you’re there, we’d love to hear what’s being said on the show floor.

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  • Thanks for pointing that out Keith. You’re the expert on it.

    Moves like that are great for radiology, but it’s all the other things that make it tough for radiologists (smoking status, etc). It’s a lot of extra work for a radiologist who won’t likely use that information.

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