ImagineMD EHR Closes Doors and Amazing Charts Acquired

A lot of activity lately in the EHR world and I think this is just the beginning. ImagineMD posted an “Important Notice” (quoted at the bottom of this post) on their website that said that they’re no longer providing ImagineMD services. The interesting thing is that a respected EHR consultant that I know absolutely loved the Imagine MD EHR. This guy had worked with hundreds of EHR software, so he knew the difference. Sadly, as often happens in business it’s not enough to have a great product. You also have to be able to market that product well. Looks like ImagineMD went out with their heads held high and didn’t leave their doctors high and dry. That’s always good since even an assisted transition is hard.

In other unrelated news, today it was also announced that Amazing Charts was acquired by Pri-Med. This is an interesting acquisition since Amazing Charts has a nice EHR footprint and Pri-Med wasn’t previously in the EHR space. Although, it does seem that Pri-Med’s physician connection could be really beneficial to Amazing Charts. I’m going to try and do an interview with Amazing Charts and Pri-Med which I’ll post on EMR and HIPAA or EMR and EHR.

ImagineMD is part of the EHR consolidation that everyone said is coming. We just can’t sustain 300+ EHR vendors. However, the Amazing Charts acquisition isn’t part of EHR consolidation. It’s similar to the ADP Acquisition of AdvancedMD where Neil Versel aptly pointed out wasn’t the expected EHR consolidation. Add these changes to large EHR vendors shutting down EHR software like MyWay and GE Centricity Advance and were slowly winnowing down the number of EHR vendors out there.

ImagineMD Client Notice:

Dear Clients of Imagine MD:

This notice is to inform you that as of September 30, 2012 (the “Effective Date”), we will no longer be providing Imagine MD Services as defined in the End User License Agreement – Terms of Use as set forth on our website at (the “Services”). The Services may or may not include, without limitation, electronic prescribing “eRx”, meaningful use attestation services, and other related services. After the Effective Date, you will no longer have access to any of our Services and we will terminate all access codes that we have provided to you.

Following termination of Services we will return to you, or, upon your written instruction, transfer to another party, all patient records, including personal information you have provided to us or we have created and maintained on your behalf. Such information will be provided in an encrypted format. You will be contacted in the near future regarding this transfer of information. The files will include information through the period ending September 30, 2012, or the date as of which you request such data, whichever occurs first. Thirty days after the information is transferred, we will destroy all patient records and we will not retain a copy of the information. Additionally, we will provide you with a log of all relevant disclosures, if any, of protected health information that you may need to fulfill your obligations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 with regard to the provisions and accounting of such disclosures.

We are terminating all of our services as we are in the process of exiting the business. All of us at Imagine MD thank you for using our services.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at or call us at (877) 394-7774.

eHealth Made EASY, LLC (a/k/a Imagine MD™)

Full Disclosure: Amazing Charts is an advertiser on this site.

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  • How many users did Imagine MD have, I heard 1000s, and this is not enough to survive?

  • Tony,
    I’m trying to remember if we ever heard a number. I thought it was in the hundreds though. 1000 docs for most EHR is a pretty solid business. Depends how you spend your money though.

  • Any idea how one can market to those 100s or 1000s now displaced?
    Is there a list available?

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