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EMR Uptake By Doctors Slowed By Lack of Time And Knowledge, Not Just Cash
Small practices are the ones having the hardest time implementing EMR. However, it isn’t just because of the hefty cost involved. Lack of time and knowledge also appears to be a big issue. There is a lot of time that has to be invested when selecting an EHR, and small-practice doctors have their hands full with other projects. There is also a lack of HR personnel available to help implement EHR as well.

Attending CHIME 2012 Fall CIO Forum
John recently attended the CHIME 2012 CIO Forum and was able to listen to Farzad Mostashari speak. He spoke on health IT, and why it needs to be used. John describes this event as the “Who’s Who” Of Health IT.

Vendor Hopes To Create Market For Windows 8-Based Tablet EMR
Microsoft has been hard at work creating a Tablet called Surface. There is an EMR that has been developed for Surface as well, and the big news is that it will be loaded with Windows 8. While most healthcare IT is run by either iOS or Android, Microsoft may be stepping up their game with Windows 8. Only time will tell how successful this will be, but so far, things look positive.

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Medical harm explained, in graphics and Farzad style

Medical errors cause far more deaths than many people realize. This gripping post describes how medical harm ranks in comparison to other causes of death in the US, talks about the story of Dr. Farzad Mostashari’s mother, and how correction is needed in hospitals and the care of ill patients.

Smart Phone Health Care
Managing Pain With New WebMD App

WebMD has recently released a new app that is designed to help people figure out where they have pain, and what might be triggering it. This is an innovative way for patients to be able to tell their doctors what they are experiencing, with evidence backing it up. The app is free and available for the iPhone.

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