iChartsMD Announces a New Private Label Program

(Santa Monica, CA – September 17, 2012) – iChartsMD announced today that they will be a new offering a private label program that enables third-parties to promote and sell the unique and ONC-certified software that has long been touted as one of the cleanest and easiest systems to maneuver and utilize in a myriad of environments. Imagine having the ability to have a system with your name on the “box” that your organization can bring to market!

The software can be sold and promoted by medical re-sellers, RCM and billing professionals, home care contractors, and medical service consultants. Really, anyone who touches, calls on, and offers services to the medical community can take full advantage of this new program that enables the firm or sales force to take our software and put their name and logo on the system. You can now have a solution that a steady stream of physicians and medical facilities need and want.

iChartsMD is excited to show the world how simple an EHR can be, and with this new incentive for those in the medical sales and services industry, doctors will see that this web deployed system is just as useful through mobile applications as it is in their office. The system can be accessed anywhere in the world through any tablet or iOS device.

About iChartsMD

iChartsMD is a privately held medical software solution provider based out of Santa Monica, California. Both doctors and I.T. Professionals carefully developed the iChartsMD technology with over 30 years of expertise. The EHR system integrates patient scheduling, reports and analysis, prescription writing, patient history and billing management made to be accessible from any network, including mobile devices through its cloud-based technology.