David C. Wilkins Joins Fovia as Director of Business Development

Fovia Attracts Industry Veteran to Manage Demand for HDVR® 

Palo Alto, California — September 5, 2012 Fovia, Inc., a global leader in volume rendering technology, today announced that David Wilkins, who has a proven record of delivering successful products to the digital and healthcare imaging industries during his 27-year career, has joined the company as Director of Business Development.

Mr. Wilkins was most recently Director of Product Management at lifeIMAGE, where he was responsible for expanding their cloud-based medical image sharing network used by both physicians and patients.  Prior to his tenure at lifeIMAGE, Mr. Wilkins was the product architect of AMICAS’ Next Generation PACS Workstation, managing a team that developed diagnostic imaging software focused on visualization and clinical workflow.  Mr. Wilkins has also held positions with Adobe, Hewlett-Packard and IBM.  While at Adobe, he invented resolution-independent technology and co-founded PictureIQ, an Adobe spin-off whose software enabled optimized web transmission of enhanced digital photos, animation and graphics by consumer-imaging devices.  Mr. Wilkins was awarded a prestigious HP Fellowship at Stanford University where he received his Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

Mr. Wilkins commented, “I have been impressed with Fovia’s volume rendering technology for many years.  Having interacted with Fovia on several projects beginning in 2005, I was inspired to become part of such a forward-thinking company that continues to be the gold standard in advanced visualization software.  I look forward to expanding the markets and industry applications for Fovia’s HDVR.”

Ken Fineman, Chief Executive Officer of Fovia stated, “The increasing demand for Fovia’s High Definition Volume Rendering® solution has created the need to scale our technology and business development efforts.  Mr. Wilkins’s portfolio includes a rare combination of technical expertise and innovation, along with business development and product management experience.  We are confident that Mr. Wilkins’ unique skill set will strengthen Fovia’s already prominent position in the volume rendering arena.  I am proud that Fovia continues to attract top talent in the field of advanced visualization, and I am pleased that someone of Mr. Wilkins’ stature recognizes the opportunity to accelerate our expansion.”

About Fovia, Inc.

Fovia has developed High Definition Volume Rendering®, a CPU-based, advanced visualization technology platform that delivers unparalleled quality, performance, scalability and flexibility.  Fovia’s innovative HDVR® solution successfully overcomes the inherent limitations of other currently available imaging technologies, thereby enabling local, enterprise-wide and web-based volumetric rendering with affordable, off-the-shelf computers.

Fovia’s flagship product, HDVR® Connect, is a software-only, advanced visualization solution that includes all of the key attributes required by today’s vendors and their customers: performance, quality, scalability, anytime/anywhere image access, cost-effectiveness and flexibility.  With HDVR Connect, OEM vendors can deliver unrivaled image quality and uncompromised performance, both locally and remotely, in 2D, 3D and 4D advanced volume visualization applications.