WebPT Partners with CollaborateMD to Integrate Best in Class EHR and Medical Billing Software

WebPT now integrates with one of the most popular web-based medical billing software systems, CollaborateMD. This means clinics can realize faster claims processing with less errors by having a fully-integrated cloud-based system of documentation through billing.

Partnership produces swift reimbursements for clinics and more productive practice management

(Phoenix, Ariz. Oct 4, 2012) – WebPT, developer of Web-based software that makes rehab clinics more efficient, has partnered with CollaborateMD, a Web-based medical billing software provider. The integration with CollaborateMD is part of WebPT’s move beyond EHR to become a comprehensive solution for rehab clinics. WebPT’s EHR system gives therapists an easy, secure, Web-based system for their documentation needs, along with real-time practice management services to improve clinic workflow.

Customers can now easily integrate their CollaborateMD billing services with WebPT’s software for faster and more accurate claims processing. CollaborateMD offers numerous advanced billing features, including accelerated claim-to-payment reimbursements, billing and claims management, easy access and editing of claims, and control over billing management. Clinic owners that use both CollaborateMD and WebPT software in tandem will be free to spend more time with patients and less time on administrative tasks. This is a significant opportunity for therapists who want to maximize patient care while improving their bottom line.

“We have been enthusiastically waiting to announce our partnership with WebPT, because it marks the start of offering our mutual customers the most efficient and affordable EHR plus billing solution available today,” commented Douglas Kegler, founder and CEO, CollaborateMD. “WebPT fully understands the needs of the therapist, and we see them as the leader in the rehab field.”

CollaborateMD is known for maximizing quick claim reimbursements and having a reliable team of experts who provide unlimited support to customers. WebPT is widely recognized for saving rehab clinics substantial amounts of time and money through improved documentation and practice management. Both companies anticipate growth as a result of this partnership.

“CollaborateMD is a company that constantly seeks innovation with their software and exceptional service,” said Paul Winandy, CEO of WebPT. “At WebPT, we set our sights on those same goals. We feel confident about the partnership, and believe the combined solution will provide enormous value to the therapy community.”

About WebPT

WebPT, Inc., is the fastest growing Web-based EHR for rehab therapy clinics and provides the easiest, most affordable, and complete solution on the market today. WebPT ensures compliance, security, and efficiency while providing a truly mobile solution that meets the needs of today’s rehab therapist. Learn more at http://www.webpt.com.

About CollaborateMD

Since 1999, CollaborateMD’s innovative cloud-based healthcare software solution has contributed to the financial success of physical therapy practices and medical billing services across the country. CollaborateMD’s 100% Java solution, with its simplicity, affordable monthly fees and 99% first pass claim rate, allows thousands of medical providers to see a true return on investment. CollaborateMD customers enjoy fast implementation, exceptional and unlimited support, and most importantly, increased office efficiency and reduced accounts-receivable. For more information, visit http://www.CollaborateMD.com or call 888.348.8457.