Pingmd and Rxante Receive Fundings to Continue Product Development


Pingmd is an app that connects parents with their child’s pediatrician. The startup behind its creation, Dauphin Health, has raised $1.33 million. The company is based in New York, and was created by Drs. Gopal and Manju Chopra. The app is free, and parents can keep track of vaccinations and allergies, as well as communicate (securely) with their child’s pediatrican.

Pingmd currently has seven employees and thousands of patients have used it so far. There are plans to expand throughout other parts of North America and into Europe. According to Dr. Gopal Chopra the app is “gear towards getting the physician the right information to make a decision.

Directors that were listed on the SEC document included Matthew Greenfield, Ernest Pomerantz, and Rudy Mazzocchi.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to take prescribed medicine. RxAnte aims to change that. The company develops technology to help remind patients to take medications. And a few weeks ago, RxAnte received a $4.6 million investment. The investment came from Aberdare Ventures and West Health Investment.

According to, RxAnte’s “technology can predict which patients are likely to stray from their scheduled drug-taking schedules, and what interventions are likely to be most effective.” This funding will help the company continue creating new technology and introducing them to the market

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