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It’s that time of the year when we recognize all the great companies that have been supporting the work we do here at EMR and EHR. We have a really amazing list of advertisers that make the writing we do here on EMR and EHR possible. As you’ll see from the list below, many of them have been advertising with us for many years. They’re support is greatly appreciated since its what makes it possible for us to provide pure unadulterated EMR and EHR content.

New EMR and EHR Advertisers
ABBY USA – ABBY is a fascinating company that provides some really interesting business process and data capture solutions. I first came across ABBY when I was in college working at a document management company, so they’ve been doing this stuff for a long time. While most of us would love to think that in the EHR world we would be able to get rid of paper, that’s just not the reality of EHR. If you want to be a truly paperless office, then you need to get a great document data capture process in place. If you have this problem, check out what ABBY FlexiCapture has to offer.

Quest Quality Solutions – I was first introduced to Quest’s Health IT Quality Solutions program at HIMSS this year. While most of you know, that I’m generally anti-certifications, I’m not against highly focused certifications like this one that have very specific goals and benefits. The idea that Quest would work with EHR vendors to ensure the quality of the lab data they receive and send is a good thing. As we’ve seen, not all EHR software are equal, but if they’re getting their lab data processed incorrectly that’s a big problem. If we don’t solve the health data quality issues now, then EHR will continue to perpetuate the bad data through the system. So, I hope that Quest Quality Solutions will help to improve the quality o the EHR lab data.

Renewing EMR and EHR Advertisers
Practice Fusion – Advertiser since 4/2010
Ambir – Advertiser since 1/2010
SOAPware – Advertiser since 7/2010
Amazing Charts – Advertiser since 5/2011
DrFirst – Advertiser since 1/2012
Cerner – Advertiser since 9/2011

Check out our EMR and EHR advertising page for more information on supporting EMR and EHR. I actually have a special two website ad package I’m doing through the end of the month. For more details, drop me a note on our contact us page.

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John Lynn

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