U.S. Hospital IT Data – Expanding its extensive online library of historical data, reports and other resources, The Dorenfest Institute offers 2010 data from HIMSS AnalyticsT Database

CHICAGO (August 29, 2012) – Simplifying the search for data on health information technology for research purposes, The Dorenfest Institute for Health Information Technology, Research and Education, managed by the HIMSS Foundation, has released updated 2010 data from the HIMSS Analytics™Database. The Dorenfest Institute provides a variety of detailed historical data, reports and white papers about IT use in hospitals and integrated healthcare delivery networks.  This service is provided at no expense to universities, students under university license, U.S. governments (local, state and federal), and governments of other countries that will be using the data for research purposes.

The newly released 2010 data from the HIMSS Analytics™ Database covers IT use in hospitals and integrated healthcare delivery networks. This release expands the current library of the Dorenfest 3000+ Databases™ and Dorenfest Integrated Healthcare Delivery System Databases™ for the period 1986 through 2010, as well as many publications on IT use in the healthcare industry during that same time period.

The 2011 Annual Report of the U.S. Hospital IT Market, is also now available in pdf format on the Dorenfest Institute website.  The report examines hospital budgets as well as financial, technology and department environments and presents key findings on IT investment and enterprise resource planning. The data is from HIMSS Analytics™ Database. The 2005 through 2010 reports are also available on the site.

“With this new 2010 data released through the HIMSS Foundation, the Dorenfest Institute continues to offer an extensive and valuable online resource for eligible researchers,” says R. Norris Orms, FACHE, CAE.  “Access to this data provides an opportunity to study and analyze the benefits of, and need for, health IT in improving the delivery of healthcare.”

Established in January 2005, the Dorenfest Institute furthers the interest in and benefits associated with ongoing research in health IT. The complete listing of databases and publications available from the Dorenfest Institute is available at on the website and includes an online registration form for access to all of the data. Contact foundation@himss.org for more information on the Dorenfest Institute.

About HIMSS Foundation

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