HIE and Other Interoperability Solutions for Healthcare

I was participating in a LinkedIn discussion a few months back about HIE solutions. Jeremy Bikman from Katalus Advisors offered this great list of HIE and other interoperability solutions for healthcare:

Orion. Love these guys. Top notch products. Great service. Great UIs and culture too.
dbMotion. Another great firm. Top R&D in Israel. To-die-for partnership with UPMC
Axolotl (United). One of the first to really do HIEs. Good number of clients. Access to a lot of stuff by being owned by a mega-Payer.
Medicity (Aetna). See comments on Axolotl. Bought Novo Innovations which makes them super good at Amb-to-Acute connections. I know several of their execs and they are good honest guys.
Microsoft/GE/Whatever the JV will be called [This commentary is a few months old. I’m sure Jeremy knows it’s called Caradigm now]. They have a few very large and advanced HIEs (WHIE being the foremost of its kind). Remains to be seen what will become of it with so many top leaders leaving.
ICA. John Tempesco from ICA described their offering this way, “With our new approach to HIE deployment, we’ve been experiencing very good success in deploying our CareConnect clinical communication capabilities to enable clinicians in rural settings to attach clinical documentation and have true conversations in a secure environment at very low entry points and high adoption. See more at www.icainformatics.com to review our solution page.”

There are dozens of other vendors that claim to do it (and have one or two psuedo-HIEs here and there) including many of the inpatient and outpatient EMR vendors (Greenway just landed a big chunk of the state of Idaho) but I won’t mention those like Epic that have a great HIE offering (so long as the other orgs in the HIE also have Epic).

I think this is a good way to look at the various vendors and how their customer bases match their company culture as Jeremy pointed out. Are there other HIE solutions that should be on this list?

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  • Coming from a consulting firm that has performed work for 1 out of every 5 federally funded statewide HIEs in the United States and territories, we’ve worked with all of the above and know them very well. ALERT is an HIE vendor that is dominating Europe (which we all know is light years ahead of USA when it comes to HIT) and is starting to make waves domestically. With their suite of products, they are making an agressive push into the Enterprise HIE market and deserve a nod.

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