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The Immortal Life of Healthcare IT

Patient engagement has evolved in many ways in the past century. While patients used to rely on doctors for any information regarding health care, it’s now common for patients to “diagnose” themselves, before even stepping foot into a doctor’s office. “The Immortal Life” by Henrietta Lacks, and the authors thoughts, are compared and contrasted to life nowadays.

Interview with Verizon Wireless’ Arthur Lane

A leader for mobile health solution development for Verizon’s Connected Health, Arthur Lane, was interviewed over at EMR and EHR this past week. He focuses his work on developing solutions that help with Verizon’s wireless, cloud, and security. The interview focuses on Health IT and mHealth, and what is in the works at Verizon. He discussed the benefits of mHealth, and what is to come in the future.

Hospital EMR and EHR
What Won’t Happen in #HIT By September 2013

There’s a lot going on with Health Care IT, and it seems as if we’re always hearing about the latest and greatest innovation. However, despite the leaps and bounds that are being made, we can’t expect everything in the EMR industry to be perfect by next year. Anne Zeigler talks about things that won’t be happening in #HIT over the next year, including lack of major growth in remote monitoring and no high penetration HIE.

Meaningful Healthcare It News With Neil Versel

Sampling of opinions on meaningful use Stage 2

The meaningful use Stage 2 final rules have caused quite a bit of discussion across the web since they were announced. Some good, some bad. Neil Versel compiled some of the opinions and thoughts he has discovered over the past few weeks, and created this post with some of them.

Wired EMR and EHR Doctor

The Secure Texting Scam

Medical practices may be getting offers from companies that offer “secure texting,” that won’t violated HIPAA standards. However, how secure can texting be? Dr. Michael Koriwchak talks about the “secure texting scam,” and talks about the reasons why secure texting can fail. Don’t get caught in this trap, and end up paying a large amount for a product that might not deliver what you think.

Smart Phone Health Care

Detect Heart Rate With iPhone Camera – #HITsm Chat Discovery

Finding out your heart rate is now easier than ever — simply by using the camera on your iPhone. This new way to detect heart rate requires no special equipment, beyond an iPhone 4. The app tracks the information and allows the user to view changes over time, among other features.

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