Slow Down to Speed Up!

Receiving a resource request from a client is the culmination of many hours of hard work! Much of the work can be classified as “thankless”; as frustration sets in after hundreds of dials lead to voicemail or a dead end.  So when an account/vendor manager has “success” and reaches a client contact and is given a job requisition, slowing down the process is the last thing anyone involved would think is a good idea. But sometimes that’s EXACTLY what is needed!

Often times when a client is giving out an opportunity to a vendor, the client will give a very brief description of what they are looking for and perhaps provide a canned HR job description. The vendor, not wanting to “waste” the client’s time or come off looking unintelligent, will answer, “Great!  We will get right on this!”  The client now is happy, because they feel they are dealing with a vendor who understands their needs and is knowledgeable on what they really need!  However I feel when a situation like I just described happens, the exact opposite is true, because actually what it often tells you is you have a vendor who is either afraid to ask questions, or isn’t really listening.

A few key questions and an extra 5-10 minutes up front  can be the difference between a long arduous, unsuccessful process and filling an opening, quickly with just the exact candidate you were looking for!

Some key questions that I feel should always be asked are:

  • Are there specifics (technically and or logistically) around this need that are unique and important to this particular opportunity?
  • If you had to rank your requests in an order, what are your “must haves and “nice to haves?”
  • Is there one particular skill or experience that this individual should have that would put them at the head of the class?
  • Do you prefer locals or will you look at candidates from all locations?
  • Are there any unique things that could help or hinder the search? (On call, must work 5 days a week, occasional weekends etc…)

These simple yet telling type questions, if asked and answered, should take no more than 5 to 10 minutes and could make a huge difference in the efficiency and success of your search.
So next time you go to give out an opportunity remember, the folks asking the questions will usually be the ones to fill your opp!