Health Care and Pinterest: Not Just A Website For Finding Recipes

Just about every woman (and even a few men) I know have a Pinterest account. What’s Pinterest? Well, it’s basically a virtual pin board where people around the world “pin” links to ideas for crafts, meals, and parties. But beyond the idea that Pinterest is just for Holly Homemakers, is a very powerful tool. I’ve discovered many health tips that have benefited both my family and me, been able to organize different articles on health that I’ve found across the Internet, discover helpful medical and health apps (to write about on here), and even to promote my articles. I think that spreading information is easier than ever because of social media, and Pinterest shouldn’t be overlooked when doing that. While many doctors and hospitals are getting more into mHealth and social media by getting Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, I’ve started to see more join on Pinterest. I’ve seen recommendations for doctors and hospitals get pinned, articles about mHealth, and more. The possibilities are endless with Pinterest, and I think it would be great for it

Baylor Health has a lot of awesome boards with great health information on them. If you are on Pinterest I definitely recommend following them.

1. Family Health: This board has just about everything you could think of to help care for the health of your family. From tips on how to prevent or heal sunburns, to helping children cope with traumatic events, to tips on how to talk to a doctor, this board is very informative. I love that the posts are family friendly, and can be easily shared with children.

2. Interactive Health Quizzes: It seems like whenever I go to a website, looking up symptoms or an explanation for a medical condition, there is some kind of quiz. These quizzes aim to help you

3. Health Awareness: On here, you’ll find articles about cancer, signs of a stroke, and more. It’s all about making consumers more aware of their health.

Many of my favorite health care organizations have created Pinterest pages in order to interact more with their patients. While most of the pins I see are mainly about food and crafts, I keep seeing more and more health related pins pop up. I found the infograph that I wrote about a weeks ago, and just today saw an article about “smart fingertips”, which could be the latest and greatest invention for surgery.

So when social media and health care are being discussed, I don’t think Pinterest should totally be dismissed. It definitely has just as much power as Facebook and Twitter, at least, in my opinion.

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Katie Clark

Katie Clark

Katie Clark is originally from Colorado and currently lives in Utah with her husband and son. She writes primarily for Smart Phone Health Care, but contributes to several Health Care Scene blogs, including EMR Thoughts, EMR and EHR, and EMR and HIPAA. She enjoys learning about Health IT and mHealth, and finding ways to improve her own health along the way.