Collecting Bills, Wifi Install, Decrease HIPAA Violations, and Cash For Clunker EHR’s

We’re back once again with our weekly roundup of EMR and health IT tweets. I found some really interesting tweets and a couple responses to tweets or blog posts that I wrote. I think you’ll find them interesting and get some value.

By the way, if you have tweets that you think I should mention in this weekly roundup, be sure to let me know. I’m always on the lookout for great content. Despite what some people believe, I don’t spend all day on Twitter.

Ok, so this link is to what I think is a pretty terrible article. However, the tweet raises a pretty interesting question. Will you need an EHR to be able to do medical billing in the future? I’m sure some would argue that it’s a practice management software that you’ll have to have, but in most cases these two software are coming together. I’m not sure which is which anymore.

My answer to the question is that unless you’re going pure private pay, concierge or some alternative payment model, I think the day will come that you’ll need an EHR. I’m sure this is scary for many doctors to consider.

Doesn’t this tweet get under your skin? I know it does mine. Think about the groundbreaking tech that’s happening long term care: Wi-fi. Welcome to the state of IT in healthcare.

This is a post I did on EMR and HIPAA and it really is as the tweet says. I wish that every healthcare institution did the two items outlined in that post. If they did, a lot less HIPAA violations would occur.

I’m sure most of you saw this post, but I loved Steve Sisko’s extension to the idea of Cash for Clunker EHR’s. All I could do was roll my eyes at the thought. I guess one could argue that with the existing EHR program they decided to pay for a bunch of clunker’s instead of replacing them.

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