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Time to take a quick look at some of the interesting posts happening on the other Healthcare Scene blogs. I think you’ll enjoy many of the posts.


Would Meaningful Use Go Away Under a Romney Presidency

With the November presidential election quickly approaching, there are many questions floating around. With Mitt Romney’s desire to repeal ObamaCare, some are wondering if he will try and stop HITECH as well. And if so, what is the fate of Meaningful Use.

Global eHealth Olympics

While the 2012 Olympics in London have been on the minds of many across the world for the past two weeks, Blair Butterfield suggested another sort of Olympics — one comparing the health care of different countries. He asks the question, “What if we compared our healthcare system to those of Europe, Asia and the Middle East in terms of areas like integration, communication and population health? How would the U.S. fare?” This post contains ideas for the different “events” that might occur in an eHealth Olympics, as well as suggestions for the top contenders for each category.

Meaningful Health IT News

Colbert Lampoons Proteus Digital Pill

The Proteus digital pill has gotten a lot of attention since it was announced. Included in that attention was a bit about it on the Colbert Report. It’s a spoof, of course, but somewhat entertaining. As Neil Versel says, “At least Colbert’s version featured a wireless tablet computer.

Smart Phone Health Care

LifeArmor Created for Military Families for Coping with Stress

A mobile app created by the Department of Defense aims to help military families cope with different issues. It addresses 17 topics, including depression and post-traumatic stress. The app takes content from the D0D website, AfterDeployment, and has videos and assessments. The app is free.

Several Pharmacies Offer Online Services for Patients

In-store pharmacies have started offering online services to make re-filling and transferring prescriptions easier than ever. Target and Walgreens are among those stores, and there are positives and negatives to using these services. Have you switched to online management of prescriptions?

Hospital EMR and EHR

Population Health Management is No Fad

Is population health management a fad, or is it here to stay? Anne references a recent column by Information Week by Paul Cerrato, where he states that it is. However, while she agrees that Cerrato’s column was “well-argued,” she disagrees with the suggestion.

Meaningful Use Stage 3 Draft On The Way

Although the MU Stage 2 final draft hasn’t been released yet, the draft regulations for stage 3 are apparently going to be released in August. Healthcare Informatics suggested a list of recommendations that are likely to be in stage 3, such as tracking individual care goals, and track tracks/steps and responsible party.

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