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Lawsuits Will Eventually Drive EHR Adoption? 

“Once EHR’s are the standard of care sadly lawsuits will drive adoption .. “so why didn’t you see the lab results doctor?” This was tweeted in a recent #HITsm chat by Sherry Reynolds. This tweet prompts several questions, including, when will EHR become the standard of care, and, as the title of this post suggests, will lawsuits eventually drive EHR adoption?

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Eric Dishman Needs a Kidney

This post is less informative, more personal. Eric Dishman, director of health innovation and policy for Intel’s Digital Health Group, is very ill and currently is in need of a kidney transplant. Read this post to be directed to more details about how to help. Let’s help this great man get the kidney he needs to survive.

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5 Must Have Mobile Apps for Runners

There are many apps out there available for runners. However, which ones are actually worth downloading? This post has a list of some apps that every runner — from the marathoner to the ones just starting out — should have on their phone. From GPS trackers to ab exercises, you don’t want to miss out on this post.

Is mHealth Poised to Explode? Infograph Showing Growth of mHealth

mHealth is growing in many ways. Over 80 percent of doctors use smart phones, more than 10,000 health apps are available, and 78 percent of US consumers are interested in mobile health solutions. These are only a few of the interesting facts presented in an infograph depicting how mHealth is growing, and what it’s future might hold.

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Meeting the Future Challenges of the NHS: Roland Rott

Roland Rott, head of Ultrasound IT explains how software has quickly become the driving force in ultrasound innovation and why cloud computing, social media and mobile technology are creating new paradigms, driving increased efficiency and connectivity among physicians and influencing how doctors and patients interact with each other.

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Connecting Mobile with Desktop A Chore

While many doctors are beginning to use mobile phones and tablets, the ability to connect them with a desktop is not easy. There are many things that need to be fixed in order to increase efficiency. M.Modal Juergen Fritsch put together a list of the top issues that need to be resolved. This list includes things such as making tablets documentation friendly and creating a hybrid strategy.

Most Wired Hospitals 2012

The most wired hospitals over 2012 have been released, at least according to Healthcare IT News. Along with this, a survey concerning these most wired hospitals was done as well. Significant differences were discovered between the wired and non-wired hospitals, however, the areas surveyed may seem disappointing to seem. Read more about it and voice your opinion.

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