Physicians Interactive Announces New Zero-Click eCoupon™ Solution

Physicians Interactive (PI), announced the launch of eCoupon™, an automated voucher & coupon distribution solution.  This digital coupon program fits into HCPs’ ePrescribe workflows, powered by Allscripts, & provides more efficient ways to distribute medication coupons & vouchers to patients’ right at the point of prescribing.

Why is this news important?  For starters, a lack of patient medication adherence is costing the U.S. an estimated $100 billion every year.  eCoupon not only provides HCPs with easier access to prescription coupons & shares cost-savings on name brands with patients, it also aims to improve first-fill medication compliance.  And with millions of ePrescriptions being filled each year, HCPs are looking for ways to significantly reduce costs without negatively impacting patient care.  eCoupon provides the resources to do just that.

Automated Vouchers and Coupons Strengthens Physicians-Patient Relationship, Offering Valuable Cost-Savings Directly at the Point of Prescribing

Marlborough, Mass. – July 19, 2012 – Physicians Interactive (PI), the leading provider of online and mobile clinical resources and solutions for healthcare professionals (HCPs), announced today the availability of eCoupon™; an automated voucher and coupon distribution solution for HCPs.  The eCoupon™ fits directly into the HCP’s ePrescribe workflow to provide patients with invaluable cost-savings on name brand prescriptions once a medication has been prescribed by a physician.  This announcement builds on PI’s expertise enabling life science companies to offer their value-add services within the physician workflow.  Additionally and at the same time, it will enhance the user experience for its robust network – of more than 875,000 physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals across all major specialties through its various online and mobile offerings.

PI and Allscripts have an agreement that enables delivery of eCoupons in an integrated fashion with Allscripts stand-alone ePrescribe™, the nation’s most widely used electronic prescribing software.  The agreement helps bring physician’s eCoupon™ – a digital coupon program –to meet a growing demand from physicians for patient-benefit resources within their ePrescribing workflow.  In 2011, the number of prescriptions being processed electronically climbed into the hundreds of millions, while the number of ePrescribers has more than tripled in only two years.1  This trend is supported by additional benefits such as the ease of use, time and cost saving advantages for prescribers, as well as the enhanced in-person experience for patients; enabling more informed decision making when discussing treatment and medicine options with their providers at the point of care.

“PI’s eCoupon™ fits directly into an existing workflow to give practitioners more efficient ways to select and distribute medication coupons and vouchers during the prescription process that can help reduce patient costs at the pharmacy and potentially improve overall compliance,” said Donato Tramuto, CEO and Vice Chairman of PI.  “As health systems strive to achieve Meaningful Use and adopt EHRs, there will be an increased importance on the exchange of clinical information between healthcare providers and their patients.  eCouponing is a great example of a tool that can empower patients to take a more active role in their care and ultimately; strengthen the physician-patient relationship.”

A lack of patient adherence to medication is a large and costly problem in the United States; adding an estimated 100 billion dollars in healthcare spending annually.2  Access to vouchers and coupons within a prescriber’s workflow can help to drive this cost down and improve first-fill medication adherence, creating an opportunity for higher adherence rates in the future.  Additionally, eCoupon™ consistently generates transactional reports and data to ensure that life science companies are able to gain insights on their target audience and stay up-to-date on their current eCoupon campaigns.

To find out more information about Physicians Interactive’s eCoupon™ solution please watch this short video.

1. Clinician’s Guide to e-Prescribing

2. Medication Adherence: Rx for Success

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