Perminova founder Gregory Feld, MD, named among nation’s top cardiac electrophysiologists

Perminova Founder Dr. Gregory Feld is known as an innovator and hard-working doc in the fastest-growing cardiac sub-specialty of electrophysiology. Now, US News & World Report has recognized him as one of the top electrophysiologists in the nation.

LA JOLLA, CA – Dr. Gregory Feld, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Perminova, Inc., and Director of UC San Diego Health System’s Department of Cardiac Electrophysiology, is among the top 1 percent of the nation’s electrophysiologists, according to new rankings of top doctors by U.S. News and World Report.

US News Top Doctors, chosen by peers nationwide, were announced today by the news magazine. Dr. Feld has long been recognized as a leader in the field of electrophysiology, the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal heart rhythms, which is the fastest growing of all cardiovascular disciplines. Dr. Feld developed Perminova EP, a web-based cardiovascular information system customized for electrophysiology.

“I’m honored that my colleagues think highly enough of my work to nominate me among the country’s top electrophysiologists,” Feld said. “Electrophysiology is rapidly growing in importance as we refine techniques to treat abnormal heart rhythms and save lives that may have been lost only a few years ago.”

Dr. Feld originally developed Perminova EP to collect data on electrophysiology (EP) cases for use in research into treatments for abnormal heart rhythms. The product grew into an information system to streamline and improve workflow, scheduling, billing, reporting and sharing patient data among all doctors, nurses and technologists in the EP lab. Because it is web-based, clinicians can access patient data anytime, anywhere and from any browser; automated reporting functions in Perminova EP allow doctors and nurses to complete operative and case reports within minutes of a procedure’s completion without dictation and transcription.

As Dr. Feld originally envisioned, Perminova EP also collects thousands of data points for each electrophysiology procedure and stores them in a scalable, secure private database, where they can be de-identified and used for medical research and clinical trials. Perminova EP is an early example of how big health data can be aggregated for research use to help develop breakthrough treatments.

“Dr. Feld’s vision in creating Perminova is indicative of his national leadership in the field of electrophysiology,” said Craig K. Collins, President & CEO of Perminova. “The recognition is not only for his knowledge and skills as an electrophysiologist, which are immense, but also for his foresight in moving the specialty forward.”

In addition to his position as Director of the Cardiac Electrophysiology Department, Dr. Feld also is Professor of Medicine at UC San Diego School of Medicine. His clinical responsibilities include performing up to eight ablation procedures a week, as well as pacemaker and defibrillator implantation procedures. He currently performs the largest number of ablations for atrial fibrillation in Southern California.

Dr. Feld has pioneered several new treatments for cardiac arrhythmias, including catheter ablation of atrial flutter and AV node modification for atrial fibrillation. His current research includes optimizing techniques for catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation, and development of new energy sources for catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation.

Dr. Feld received his MD degree from Dartmouth Medical School, his residency and fellowship training at UCLA and VA Wadsworth in Los Angeles, and joined the faculty at UC San Diego in 1987. He is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology and an Associate Editor for the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Dr. Feld has participated in numerous basic and clinical research studies and his research has been published in the journals Circulation, Heart Rhythm, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology and the American Journal of Cardiology.

About Perminova

La Jolla, Calif.-based Perminova develops and markets web-based, cloud-based software for the nation’s leading cardiology centers. The company is pioneering healthcare’s move from outdated client-server technology to modern-and-secure cloud computing. Perminova products are electronic surgical records systems for cardiology, and they’re more robust, flexible and cost-effective than anything currently on the market. Its products improve charge-capture and efficiency, while automatically producing operative reports, case reports and billing reports. Perminova seamlessly integrates with existing electronic medical records systems and deploys and upgrades easily via the web. Perminova’s architecture allows integration of medical devices and customization of robust data for medical research and clinical trials. Currently, Perminova EP is used at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and the UC San Diego Health System.