Health IT List Season, The Unhealthy Side Effects of Meaningful Use, and My Coupon Doc: This Week at HealthCare Scene


Health IT List Season – A list of Lists

It is the season of Health IT lists, and #HIT100 is one of the most popular lists right now. This post discusses some of the logistics behind #HIT100, as well as some other health IT lists that are floating around the Internet recently. Have you seen a great list lately?

Kaiser’s Mobile Health Approach

Recently, John had the opportunity to talk with the head of the Mobile Center of Excellence at Kaiser Permanente, Brian Gardner. Gardner talked about Kaiser’s approach to mobile health, how physicians at Kaiser use mobile devices, and some video pilots that have been done. This post goes more into that conversation, and shows how Kaiser is working toward implementing more mobile health in their practice.

Wired EMR Practice

The Unhealthy Side Effects of Meaningful Use

There are all sorts of incentives to  Meaningful Use, and for implementing EMR. However, there is a downside to HIT. In this post, Dr. Michael Koriwchak, along with Dr. Hal Sherz, discuss potential adverse consequences to Meaningful Use. It may cripple innovation and prevent future technology from being developed. Be sure to read this post on the unhealthy side effects of Meaningful Use.

Smart Phone Health Care

My Coupon Doc Makes Health Care More Affordable

Medications and health care costs can be expensive, there’s no question about that. There are lots of discounts to be found, but finding legitimate discounts can be hard to do. Luckily, makes the process easier with its database of coupons and discounts. Next time you have an expensive medication to buy, don’t forget to consult My Coupon Doc first.

SCOTUS Decision Likely to Indirectly Affect mHealth

The recent SCOTUS decision is affecting health care in many ways. But many were asking the question, will, and if so, how, it affect mHealth? David Lee Scher, MD, recently talked about five ways mHealth will be affected. mHealth isn’t the sector of health care being affected the most, but it won’t be left untouched.

Also, don’t forget to check out EMR Screenshots and EMR and Health IT News! There’s a lot of great items on these pages that aren’t highlighted during the weekly roundup.

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