EMR Only Doctors, Average EMR Price, Most Wired Hospitals, and Healthcare Social Media

Before I get to my Twitter round up of EMR and Health IT tweets, I thought at least a few of you would be interested in a short update on my previous post.

Mom and baby are home and doing really well. We’re still adapting to life with 4 children, but we feel really blessed. Thanks to everyone for the kind words on social media. Of course, how could I mention my new baby boy and not provide a picture of Gianluca:

Now on to some interesting EMR and Health IT tweets:

This wasn’t the tweet I meant to embed, but it seems that Dr. Zaphiris must have deleted the one I was going to embed. It talked about how Dr. Zaphiris had used EMR for so long she didn’t remember paper (or something like that). It made me wonder how many doctors today have only known EMR charting. Certainly it’s not a majority or even close, but I bet the number is higher than most would realize. If you add in doctors that don’t really remember paper charting, the number is even higher. This is the shift that’s occurring. We’ll call them EMR natives.

Where on earth did they get these numbers? These numbers remind me of when I started posting about EHR software on this blog 6+ years ago. That can’t be the average, can it?

The Twittersphere has been abuzz with the “Most Wired Hospitals” list that was put out last week. This tweet is one hospital that’s making the most of the list. I made my thoughts clear on lists. I think I heard someone say that those that make the most wired hospital list are better at PR than they are at tech. Those that love the tech don’t worry about some list. Although, I’m sure many at the hospitals on the list are enjoying the pat on the back.

I’d only change the would can to could. I think social media can benefit anything an organization wants to do. The real question is should you use social media to accomplish that purpose. In many cases the answer is no. Often it’s no because it’s not the right tool. Often it’s no because the company culture isn’t amenable to it.

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John Lynn

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  • John, just think– your beautiful new baby boy, Gianluca, will have an EMR from birth! One of a new generation who may never know what paper records are/were!

  • I was a teenage ER volunteer at Community Medical Center in Scranton Pa in the early 1970’s, and they had a very early EMR system in every major department – and nursing station, in the hospital. Every order, prescription, test, etc. went in – it was the only way these things were allowed to be done unless the system was down. So everything got recorded – when it happened, not hours days or weeks later. Now there were no notes that I can recall, and of course no images. But there was never any confusion about anything a doctor ordered, and obviously, bills were a lot more accurate then other hospitals had. Not a bad start 40 years ago, and it’s why I’m so interested in EHR/EMR’s today.

  • Congrats on the new addition to your family. And, congrats on a refreshing blog post. Enjoyed the tidbits.

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