What a Difference a Day Makes

Excuse a bit of personal musings in this post.

Yesterday I was cruising along thinking that all was well. I was doing the grind and making things happen. Life was good. I had a lot to do, but I was accomplishing a lot. Then, my wife came into my office and told me that her contractions weren’t stopping.

Off to the hospital we go after dropping the kids off at a friends house. The hard part was that the 2 friends we were planning to have watch our kids were out of town. I guess that happens when your baby decides to come 8 days early. Luckily we had a bunch of good backup plans. Maybe that’s a good lesson for those going through an EHR implementation.

A few hours later and the latest edition to the literal Healthcare Scene family has arrived! I posted an early picture for those that love brand new babies.

What a difference a day makes. Now I’m blogging from the hospital internet (which wouldn’t connect when I arrived, but is doing pretty good now). Baby and mom are healthy and happy which is the most important thing. The early arrival of baby is going to throw a few things off, but we’re excited to have him.

Being at a hospital in some ways it still feels like work. The nurses told me next week they’re going to training for Cerner. I’m sure I’ll do some more posts on some of the things they told me. It was quite interesting to hear their perspective. I saw a monitor with an error message that had McKesson in the title bar. I was walking past, but I think I’ll go back and see what the error is and what McKesson product is being used.

Then, of course I had to talk some EHR with my wife’s OB. When she comes tomorrow I want to invite her to lunch with me so I can hear more of her perspectives on EHR. This is our 4 child with her and so we go way back. I’m sure she’d tell it to me straight also which I’d love. We’ll see if she accepts. She’s insanely busy.

Don’t be surprised if the next week or so is observations from the hospital on this site and possibly Hospital EMR and EHR. What could be better than first hand experience?

Yes, a lot has changed since yesterday, but so far all for the better. I’m a very blessed man to have such a wonderful wife and now 4 children.

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John Lynn

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