EMRs in Schools, Prescribing Health Apps, and Must-Have Apps for Medical School: This Week at HealthCare Scene

There were some great articles on a couple of Health Care Scene’s websites this week that you don’t want to miss:


Building — But Not Overbuilding — Next Gen HIEs

Thoughts from founding president and CEO of the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative Micky Tripathi are shared in this post. He discusses why she believes that the HIT world is in danger of overbuilding the next generation of HIEs. The “holy grail” of HIEs might seem attractive, but in reality, Tripathi raises the issues he sees with trying to attain that.

EMRs Coming to a School Near You

Electronic Medical Records may not just be for hospitals and doctor’s offices soon. Some schools in the Bethlehem and Allentown School District now have the ability to exchange medical records with hospitals, doctor’s offices, and emergency rooms. This post talks about questions such as how schools might go about choosing a vendor, and the possibility of an EMR being built specifically for schools.

Prescribing Health Apps

One of the latest ideas in mHealth is the potential for doctors to prescribe apps as treatments. However, there are some skeptics about it. David Shaywitz who wrote an article in Forbes believes that app creators will find disappointment because “it’s hard to improve health, and it can be very difficult to get patients to stick with a treatment long enough to make a difference.” This post discusses some of the challenges that may come with health app prescriptions, and what the future might hold.

Smart Phone Health Care

Controlling Dreams With Free Dream:On App

As a follow up post to the Remee Dream Mask, an app called “Dream:On” is reviewed. It is a similar concept to the dream mask, only it’s free. If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to control your dreams, it might just be. Dream:On is a part of an on-going social experiment to see how much can be controlled during the “lucid” dreaming phase. This app is available for the iPhone currently.

5 Must-Have Medical Apps for Medical Students

There are a lot of great apps out there for health-related topics, so why not for med students? This list is a compilation of opinions from different sources on the best apps to assist med students through medical school. Including apps like #1 downloaded health app in 2010, Medscape Mobile, this is a list any med student should review.

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