Fovia and CurveBeam Deliver HDVR® to the Orthopedic and Podiatric Markets via Small Footprint Cone Beam CT Scanner

CurveBeam Introduces CBCT Weight Bearing Scanner with HDVR® Connect
Palo Alto, CA and Warrington, PA – June 20, 2012 – Fovia Medical, Inc., a global leader in volume rendering technology, and CurveBeam, a leading provider of advanced imaging equipment and solutions, today announced that CurveBeam will enhance its product offerings by incorporating Fovia’s High Definition Volume Rendering® into its Cone Beam CT (CBCT) product line, providing local and remote access to advanced visualization for orthopedic and podiatry specialists.
CurveBeam designs and manufactures innovative specialty imaging equipment for the orthopedic and podiatric markets and recently announced FDA approval of its foot and ankle CBCT scanner, pedCAT™. Employing true weight bearing imaging technology, pedCAT utilizes Fovia’s HDVR® advanced visualization software to cost-effectively bring point-of-care advanced imaging into the private office, thereby revolutionizing treatment in foot and ankle care.
Fovia’s CPU-based, HDVR® Connect software delivers unrivaled 3D image quality and performance, giving specialists the tools needed to radically improve diagnosis, evaluation and treatment planning.
The combination of Fovia’s advanced visualization capabilities and CurveBeam’s expertise in diagnostic imaging gives specialists an unprecedented ability to view and manipulate data “on-the-fly,” thereby obviating delays in patient care. Fovia’s completely customizable SDK enables CurveBeam to offer the gold standard in medical imaging while staying true to pedCAT’s groundbreaking design and compact footprint.
“Advanced 3D visualization has become a critical component of medical care, clinical diagnosis and surgical planning,” said Arun Singh, President and CEO of CurveBeam. “We are proud to offer the precision of Fovia’s HDVR Connect software combined with our CBCT technology to produce undistorted images of the foot & ankle region under weight bearing conditions. Our foot & ankle specialty clients using HDVR, with its amazing clarity, flexibility and ease-of-use will be able to deliver enhanced quality care and improved surgical outcomes to their patients.”
Ken Fineman, Chief Executive Officer of Fovia, stated, “We are very pleased to have such an inventive partner in the orthopedic and podiatric markets.  CurveBeam, recognized as an innovator in imaging technology, has expanded the application of CBCT to a new sector. Fovia’s flexible, scalable solution is designed for use in a wide range of environments, and we are thrilled at this new application of our HDVR software.”
About Fovia, Inc.
Fovia has developed High Definition Volume Rendering®, a CPU-based, advanced visualization technology platform that delivers unparalleled quality, performance, scalability and flexibility. Fovia’s innovative HDVR® solution successfully overcomes the inherent limitations of other currently available imaging technologies, thereby enabling local, enterprise-wide and web-based volumetric rendering with affordable, off-the-shelf computers.
Fovia’s flagship product, HDVR® Connect, is a software-only, advanced visualization solution that includes all of the key attributes required by today’s vendors and their customers: performance, quality, scalability, anytime/anywhere image access, cost-effectiveness and flexibility. With HDVR Connect, OEM vendors can deliver unrivaled image quality and uncompromised performance, both locally and remotely, in 2D, 3D and 4D advanced volume visualization applications.