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Last month I wrote a post about the perils of of becoming a slave to your To-Do list.  Well, I have not changed my mind that we all need to divert our attention from the tactical items on our to-do list to make sure we are taking the time to smell a few roses, clear our brains to make time and room for creative thoughts, and to make sure that the tactical items on our to-do list are aligned with our career goals and strategies.  However, a big light bulb went off for me last week and I find myself obligated to give you all a Must-Do list.  And as is always the situation with me, I will accept no excuses for non-compliance.  Don’t run away, this Must-do list is important, if not vital to help you accelerate your career.

The light bulb went off while I was attending an American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) conference entitled Leading Change and Reinventing Customer Service in Healthcare in my hometown last week.  It was the third event that I have participated in in the last 60 days because my personal goals include: 1) increasing my visibility in the Southeast Region, 2) becoming increasingly more of a National thought leader on Healthcare Reform issues, 3) increasing dramatically my personal network in Alabama, Georgia and Florida, and 4) contributing significantly to the learning and professional development of as many HCIT professionals as possible.  The other two events that I participated in were the AL HIMSS Spring Conference and The Healthcare Trade Faire and Central Florida HIMSS Regional Conference .  Take 3 minutes to click thru to the agendas of each of the conferences and check out the:

  1. ROCK STAR speakers (I am truly humbled to have been involved in all 3, though clearly was a warm up band for the others!)
  2. Important and current agenda topics
  3. Convenient and fun locations.

Let me tell you that I achieved WAY MORE than I could have ever imagined toward my four goals and better yet, I was able to have COMPLETELY unfettered access to CEOs, HIE executives, Industry thought leaders and vendors that I could not achieved in months of phone calls and one-on-one meetings.  I did not get this access because I was a speaker, I got the access because I made my personal goals a priority and I signed up to attend the event, and then I went and participated in the conversations, formal and informal, in the auditorium and in the hallways, at breakfast and in then sessions.

I think you get it; participating in these events is valuable.  So why am making such a big deal about it?…  It’s easy, YOU weren’t there… and neither were the people that you work with or mentor.  There we FAR too many empty seats.  So, since you seem to need a little nudge, I am assigning each of you the following Must-Do list:

  1. Research upcoming events for organizations that you participate in or should be participating in, HIMSS and ACHE are only 2 of many great organizations that provide practically free education from the best talent in the industry.
  2. Obtain your boss’s approval to attend. Note: if you find this difficult, you may not be working at the right place.
  3. Sign up to attend at least 1 event that has a curriculum full of topics that are important to your current job or your career goals
  4. Encourage several of the people that work for your or with you to join you.
  5. Contact the organizers and volunteer to help with the event; they a always looking for volunteers and this might get you in free and it will get you better access to the leaders that attend
  6. Start making your plans for HIMSS13 in my backyard and on of my favorite cities, New Orleans.

Completing the entire list should take you less than 2 hours total, but you are worth it.  Don’t procrastinate, do it this week!  When you are done, leave a comment here and tell us all what event you selected so other readers might consider attending that event as well!  The more the merrier.  Please help me achieve my goal of contributing significantly to your career growth and development!

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Joe Lavelle

Joe Lavelle is the Co-Founder of intrepidNow. Prior to that Joe was an accomplished healthcare IT executive and career coach with a record of successfully meeting the business and technology challenges of diverse organizations including health plans, health delivery networks, health care companies, and several Fortune 500 companies.

Joe is also the author of Act As If It Were Impossible To Fail, available on Amazon.