21st Century Patient Safety: Neehr Perfect Educational EHR Revolutionizes Healthcare Education

Finally, patient safety is in the 21st century: healthcare students can now learn how to work across disciplines with Neehr Perfect educational electronic health record – a realistic, web-based healthcare education system.
In the real world, a patient may pass through several healthcare professionals to receive their care: from the medical office assistant to the nurse onto a physician supported by a medical coder then to a physical therapist and back again. But many schools haven’t been teaching this because the right tool wasn’t there.
Now it is.
Neehr Perfect(R) networked educational electronic health record system teaches healthcare students to work together to accurately and safely document patient care. No other educational EHR on the market allows educators to teach real, immersive, cross-discipline healthcare practice in such a hands-on way.
Neehr Perfect was designed to address the way health professional students learn best, says co-founder and President Kathleen Annala, MA, RN, FNP-BC: “The idea for Neehr Perfect was developed from my experiences with faculty teaching Interprofessional OSCEs and Simulation including students of Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, Social Work, HIIM, Physical and Occupational Therapy.
What we needed was an easy way to expand these rich and immersive experiences without the physical limitations of time and space. So we created Neehr Perfect.”
Neehr Perfect is an educational, simulated version of the open source World VistA, one of the most widely-used electronic health record systems in the world. Neehr Perfect was released by Minnesota-based technology company, Archetype Innovations, LLC, in 2009. For more information, contact Jennifer Whigham at jennifer@neehrperfect.com.