Mobile Health App Investments, Controlling Dreams With Remee: This Week in Healthcare Scene

While it was quiet around Healthcare Scene this week, there were still some great posts on a few of the websites. Be sure to check these articles out:


VC Firms Eyeing Mobile Health App Investments

It’s no secret that the Mobile Health App industry has taken off lately. Because of this, VC firms are more interested in investing in these companies. Anne Zeiger predicts there will be a handful of investments in the industry in the coming future. This post talks about different mobile health apps being created, and where the industry seems to be headed.

“Non Structured Data Is More Valuable to Practitioners Than Discrete Research Oriented Data” 

The title of this post was inspired by a comment on John’s recent post on the EHR Bubble. Here, John discusses the advantages of non-structured data for a physician. Does non-structured data help improve the quality of care? Join the debate over at EMR and EHR this week.

Smart Phone Health Care

Control Your Dreams With the Remee Sleep Mask

If you’re like me, I’ve always wished I could dictate what I was going to dream about. The latest product from Bitbanger Labs claims to do just that. The “Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask”, with practice, apparently gives the user the ability to control their dreams. The mask brings you into the “lucid dreaming” stage, which is a more aware state of dreaming. For only $95, this new product is available for pre-order here.

Go From Couch Potato to Runner with Couch-to-5K App

A program developed a few years ago has been the catalyst behind several mobile apps. The premise behind the program is to get couch potatoes (or just about anyone) running either a 5K or for 30 minutes straight in as little as 9 week. There are a variety of apps available to help wannabe-runners get started. This post gives a general overview of the official C25K app.

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