GoHealth Gets $50 Million Investment, mRemedy and Palomar Health Acquired


A Chicago-based company, GoHealth, created the website GoHealthInsurance.com. This website helps consumers comparison shop for health coverage. With the decision coming soon on Obamacare, GoHealth has been prepping for the large amounts of US adults who will be looking for health insurance if it is passed.

GoHealth has taken a $50 million equity investment from Norwest Equity Partners in case it does pass. In the event that it doesn’t, the equity will be put toward accelerating its growth in the market, where it is already a major player. The company currently has 125 employees, and they hope to be able to hire more.

Consumers can easily enter their information and be given a list of insurance providers that fit their needs. From there, they can sign-up online with the company that fits their needs best or contact agents for any insurance provider that is on the website. GoHealth works with more than 100 insurance carriers and 100,000 licensed agents and has, on average, 1 million customers each month.


AirStrip Technologies, a company based in San Antonio, offers a suite of mobile patient monitoring apps. These apps allow physicians to access patient information just about anywhere, which in turn enhances workflow and decision making in clinics AirStrip has recently expanded this suite of mobile apps to give physicians easier access to information in EHRs. Along with this expansion, AirStrip has acquired “exclusive rights to market and develop San Diego-based healthcare system Palomar Health‘s EHR agnostic and mobile-enables MIAA (Medical Information Anytime Anywhere) platform. Mobi Health News said that, “while the companies aren’t calling it an acquisition officially, that is what it is in effect.”

With the acquisition of this platform, physicians will have access to any and all records that are relevant to making a decision about a current patient’s condition. The benefit, and main reasoning, behind doing this is so physicians are able to view information that has been generated by other EHR/EMRs that are different from the one being used in their practice, according to Alan Portela, CEO of AirStrip.

mRemedy, a mHealth app company that was created in 2009 by the Mayo Clinic and DoApp, has recently been acquired by Axial Exchange, a care transitions technology provider. Not all the details concerning this acquisition are available, however, the Mayo Clinic and Canaan Partners have both been major investors, as well as Dr. Paul Y. Takahashi and Dr. Nathan Jacobson, both doctors at the Mayo Clinic.

mRemedy has a variety of custom apps that have been developed for clinics, hospitals, and patients. myTality is mRemedy’s core product and helps patients “better navigate a future hospital visit and helps hospitals market their sevices.” The software offered by Axial Exchange, Axial Patient and Axial Provider, will be the service platform for mRemedy.

Other apps currently available through mRemedy are myWeight, mPressure, and myGlucose. Last year, a hospital in Lexington, KY, became the first hospital to offer these apps to its patients. According to Mobi Health News, “that pivot is what led mRemedy to its buyer this week.”

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