Hospital Mergers EHR Data Migration Challenge, Smart Phone HIPAA Security, Healthcare Interoperability and Patch Adams Video

Time again to take a look around the EMR and healthcare IT twittersphere at some of the best tweets. We’ve got some really interesting tweets to consider along with a tweet that includes a video of the real Patch Adams (many I love that movie) in his element. If I ever get a chance to meet Patch Adams, I’m going to jump at the chance. I’m certain that he’s endless entertainment.

Also, you can check out the Around Healthcare Scene post on EMR and EHR.

Now on to the EMR and Healthcare IT tweets:

I’ve talked quite a bit about the challenge of EHR mergers. I’ve definitely not talked about the challenge to EHR when hospitals merge. I can see this being a great future topic for Hospital EMR and EHR. There are a lot of intricacies involved in the subject and will be a very important topic as EHR becomes more widely adopted.

This is an interesting tweet. I guess my challenge with the idea is that I bet off-the-shelf laptops and desktop computers meet few HIPAA, meaningful use requirements either. The important difference is that more can be done on a desktop to secure it than most smart phones. Although, I think this will continue to change over time.

On this topic, I’ve seen more and more people making the argument that a virtual environment is the key to good security on a smartphone. This is a good way to secure a smartphone, but it also is a good way to kill the usability of a smartphone. I’m still not sure exactly how we’re going to bridge the divide.

I’d love to see and hear of examples of this happening. I’d be happy to do my part in providing more visibility if I just knew where interoperable health IT was happening.

This video is outrageous, hilarious and fantastic. I’m not sure what the medical world thinks of Patch Adams, but I welcome fresh takes. No doubt Patch Adams is a unique individual that’s not afraid to stretch the cultural norms.

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