Encryptics Introduces Email Security for iPhone and iPad

DALLAS–(May 2012)–Encryptics, a data protection company that secures digital content for the lifecycle of a document, has launched Encryptics Mobile, an extension of the Encryptics Professional solution. Encryptics asks, Is Your Data .SAFE? With Encryptics Professional and Encryptics Mobile, messages sent from an iPhone or iPad are .SAFE (dot SAFE).
The Encryptics .SAFE technology allows data to be securely sent and received from an iPhone or iPad, wherever an Internet connection is available. Encryptics offers the most cutting-edge technology on the market. No matter what network is being used, data is secured at the device, so it remains secure in the cloud as well as after it reaches the intended recipient.
Mobile devices are often lost or stolen. The power in their portability is also what makes them uniquely vulnerable to a data breach. It’s critical to secure sensitive information on smart devices in new ways that maintain their cross-platform communications power while fully securing every transmission. The Encryptics Mobile solution does this and more. It is easy to install and use.  Digital content never touches Encryptics servers; instead traveling directly from the author/sender to recipient(s), secured via multiple keys, digital signatures, and hardware fingerprints.
Encryptics Chief Executive Officer, Brandon Hart, said, “Now data can be secured no matter where you are in the world, whether you’re using a smartphone or tablet. Critical information often has a time sensitive component. This means you need to be able to send and receive details with full security from anywhere, at any time, and now you can with the Mobile extension of the Encryptics Professional solution.
“We previewed our Encryptics Mobile extension at HIMSS12 (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) annual conference held in Las Vegas in February. Healthcare professionals were very excited about the ability to send their data .SAFE from anywhere. Smart devices are now part of the daily workflow in many industries where security and data protection are critical, even mandated by law. Being able to send secure data while on-the-go is becoming more important than ever.”
About Encryptics

Encryptics Professional is the award-winning security solution for digital communication needs.  Information is transmitted securely via .SAFE technology by Encryptics Trusted Peer-to-Peer™ platform. The sender has full control over their information through Encryptics Advanced Digital Rights Management (DRM) features, giving the power to prevent Forward, Copy, Print, and Save.  Added Features allow for Read Receipt, control over Timeline Options, even Email Recall.  Encryptics won the 2011 Best of FOSE Special Judges’ Award at the FOSE (Federal Office Systems Exposition) Show in Washington D.C. when it was introduced to the government cyber-security industry. To learn more, visit http://www.encryptics.com, call 877.454.7595, or email support@encryptics.com