The Epic EMR Giant Challenge, EHR Alternatives, EMR Go-Live Tweets, and Patient-Centric Health

As I mentioned on EMR and HIPAA today, I’ve decided to trade off posts between this site and EMR and HIPAA each Sunday. On one site I’ll do a post looking at various EMR and Healthcare IT related tweets. On the other site, Katie will be taking a look around the various Healthcare Scene blogs to highlight some of the important posts that people might have missed.

This will be the first round up of EMR related tweets on EMR and EHR. I hope you enjoy the posts. It’s always fun and interesting to see what people are saying and hopefully I provide some valuable commentary alongside the tweets.

While this article has a catchy headline (Anything with Epic in it’s headline seems to do well), I was disappointed by the article. Any discussion of Epic’s dominance that revolves around a discussion of interoperability as this article does is really missing the target. I’m not sure how the author of this article missed that even different Epic installs can’t share information. Epic has done very well at a lot of things, but interoperability is not one of them.

I don’t agree completely with The Nerdy Nurse. You can still get paid without using an EMR. ARRA hasn’t drastically changed that situation. Although, down the road that might become the case.

If you are an EHR lover, you’ll love the Live Tweeting that John Showalter did of his EHR Go Live. I love the transparency and the energy he has. Another great John in the healthcare IT space. I should start a Healthcare IT John’s list.

I’m not sure anyone would argue that Epic is a patient-centric platform. I’d be interested to hear someone who’d like to give it a try.

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