REC Numbers for REACH (Minnesota and North Dakota Doctors)

For those not familiar with the RECs (Regional Extension Centers), REACH, a nonprofit federal Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center, helps providers and clinics throughout Minnesota and North Dakota to either optimize current EHR or implement EHR into their practice. They aim to help different providers and clinics to reach stage 1 meaningful use in a year or less. REACH offers many services in their program to reach this goal, such as readiness and meaningful use assessments, contract review and coaching, organization and workflow redesign, and basic report writing.

REACH recently put out some numbers about their EHR reach that were quite interesting. Currently more than 4,700 providers and 513 clinics are benefiting from the services offered by REACH. They have reached above their goal by helping 3,600 priority primary care providers (this goal was exceeded by 1,149). Below are some recent REACH numbers:

  • 4,749 priority primary care providers
  •  3,541 e-prescribing and quality reporting
  • 301 having achieved meaningful use
  • 104 critical access/rural hospitals (84% of eligible hospitals
  • 33 e-prescribing and quality reporting
  • 11 having achieved meaningful use

Below is a really interesting map that shows the locations of clinics and hospitals currently served by REACH.

I appreciate RECs like REACH that are putting out the data for how many doctors they’ve helped. What do people think of the RECs now?

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Katie Clark

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