Dictation and EMRs, Pocket Health, and the Mirage of Health: This Week at HealthCare Scene

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Will Growth in Mobile Use Compromise HIPAA Compliance?

Being able to access data through a mobile device is very valuable for doctors. However, questions about security have been raised, and if certain guidelines aren’t followed, some mobile devices may not be in line with HIPAA standards. Problems are discussed with mobile data security, and the HIPAA standards are explained in this post by Katherine Rourke.

Happy EMR Doctor

Guest Post: Do EMRs Cause a Mirage of Health?

With increased patient access to medical records, there is increased power given to the patient over their health care. However, is it possible that too much access may give false security, or, in some cases, cause someone to worry about something they may not have control over? Ken Harrington, Practice Manager at the Washington Endocrine Clinic, discussed the “mirage of health” that may be created with patient access to EMRs and other medical technology. In this guest post, the questions “is it possible to have ultimate control over one’s health” and “will access to a patient’s medical chart cause them to make better choices — or any choice — to improve their health?” are discussed.

Smart Phone Health Care

PocketHealth Raise the Bar for mPHRs

Personal health records can be very helpful, especially when one has more than one physician. The creation of mobile personal health records (mPHR) has made it even easier to have this information available at anytime. PocketHealth, the latest mPHR to be released, is untethered, was built following the CCD standards, and has raised the bar for other mPHRs.

EHR and EMR Videos

Dr. Frank Davis’ EHR Story from the 2012 HIMSS Conference

At the 2012 HIMSS Conference, Dr. Frank Davis, CMIO and trauma/critical care surgeon at Memorial University Medical Center in Georgia, discussed his experience with EHR at the hospital he works at. In this video, he also gives advice to those starting in EHR Incentive Programs, and the benefits of EHRs and meaningful care.

EMR Thoughts

Meddik, BodyMedia Announce Recent Fundings

This past week, companies Meddik and BodyMedia both announced the large sums of money raised during recent rounds of funding. Meddik raised $750k in seed funding, while BodyMedia raised $12 million. Both companies are dedicated to creating medical and health technology.

Hospital EMR and EHR

Dictation and EMRs: A Bad Marriage? 

A study conducted by researchers with Partners Healthcare in Boston recently examined records on a large number of patients to primary care doctors that are in the Partner’s system. The researchers wanted to see if, and how, the way a physician documents visits affected overall care for patients. Results found that when doctors solely used EMR, they generally provided better care for the patients.

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