RFID in Healthcare Consortium Joins Trade Center

Dynamic Complex to Showcase Latest Advances, Training and Education Across Industry

DALLAS – May 23, 2012 – Market Center Management Company, the management company of leading trade centers and trade events around the world, announced today an agreement with the RFID in Healthcare Consortium (RHCC) for an integrated showroom in the Nashville Medical Trade Center. The custom space will showcase the use and adoption of RFID (radio frequency identification) and RTLS (real-time locating systems) technologies in the healthcare, assisted living and nursing home industries. It will be the only destination in the world integrating multiple companies’ products, services and deliverables focusing on these important technologies in order to improve patient care, safety and operating efficiencies.

This one-of-a-kind technology complex, to be developed in three phases eventually encompassing 80,000 square feet, will include: The Intelligent Hospital™, The Center of Excellence, and International Technology Pavilions that are destined to attract healthcare decision makers from around the world.

The Intelligent Hospital™ will closely replicate the actual environments of a hospital including registration, surgical services, emergency rooms, and critical care units – a complete hospital deployment. In order to demonstrate “best in breed” technology capabilities surrounding the concept of an  intelligent hospital, a variety of technologies will be seamlessly integrated to provide automated solutions such as “real-time” patient information delivered to smartphones or tablets from the operating room, intensive care unit, ambulatory/step-down and emergency department rooms, all coordinated through a Central War Room.

Displays will allow healthcare decision makers to see first-hand how information is collected through the use of data capture technologies from diverse patient care environments including remote locations. The Intelligent Hospital™ will showcase pioneering solutions that incorporate auto-ID/Bar code scanning, RFID, RTLS sensors and wireless technologies. This delivery methodology optimizes and enhances workflow, patient care and safety enabling dynamic monitoring and rapid response to critical issues. A version of this showcase has been a part of the HIMSS tradeshow for the past two years but inside the trade center a much more adaptive and expansive concept will be created.

In the second phase The Intelligent Hospital™ will be complemented with the construction of an assisted/independent living home and nursing home room showcasing  auto-ID, biometrics, NFC, RFID, RTLS, sensors, wireless and associated technologies in long-term care settings.

The Center of Excellence will be a comprehensive research, training, teaching and testing environment unique in the world for RFID, RTLS and associated technologies.  Among the activities taking place will be the following:

  • Scientific tests on hardware and software for participating technology vendors;
  • The Center of Excellence will deliver unparalleled collaborative learning opportunities and via its academic partners will issue  CEU’s through  a series of educational events and training programs for existing healthcare professionals in collaboration with teaching hospitals, clinics and integrated delivery networks.

The International Technology Pavilions will consist of a collection of individual spaces/technology suites adjacent to the Intelligent Hospital™ and Center of Excellence. Inside the pavilions dozens of internationally based manufacturers and suppliers of products and services within the RFID and RTLS industries will present their latest advancements in their respective permanent showrooms.

“RHCC’s participation in the Nashville Medical Trade center will help raise the level of awareness and educate the healthcare industry on the many applications of RFID and RTLS technologies integrated within clinical scenarios,” said Dr. Keley John Booth, Sr. VP, Peri-operative Clinical Care, RFID in Healthcare Consortium. “The RHCC looks forward to playing an integral role as part of the first global healthcare marketplace of its kind. Delivering our vision to this premier healthcare industry destination, the RHCC will provide visitors with an integrated clinical environment in which to explore the latest in advanced medical technologies. Authentic clinical care areas are directed by an international team of practicing clinical medical specialists from a variety of hospital disciplines. This unique site will deliver unparalleled collaborative learning opportunities for hospital administrators, physicians, nurses, engineers, and other health care professionals. ”

“The objective of the Intelligent Hospital ™ is to demonstrate the changing healthcare patient envi­ronment by integrating advanced clinical devices with layers of interconnectivity among supporting technologies, such as auto-ID, biometrics, NFC, RFID, RTLS, Sensors, and Wireless technologies along with point-of-care information delivery and communications devices,” said Dr. Paul Frisch, President and CTO, RHCC. “We are extremely pleased to be part of the Nashville project and believe that our Intelligent Hospital™ will highlight how the combination of these clinical devices, systems and supporting technologies addresses many of the issues affecting workflow and potentially impacting patient care and safety.”

“Our effort to create a unified marketplace for healthcare ideas and innovation strongly complements the mission of the RHCC,” said Bill Winsor, president and CEO of Market Center Management Company.  “A permanent showcase for technology aligned with the Intelligent Hospital™ will capitalize on the significant number of companies and fast-emerging solutions in advanced wireless technology. The interest in the RHCC center, particularly from international healthcare companies and provider organizations, will be significant.”

The Nashville Medical Trade Center is a comprehensive healthcare marketplace that unifies for the first time permanent showrooms, temporary exhibition space, and education and training facilities. The result is a global marketplace for healthcare products, solutions, and services.

About Market Center Management Company

Market Center Management Company (MCMC) is an international wholesale trade center and tradeshow management company based in Dallas, Texas. MCMC and its owner, Crow Holdings, own or manage trade centers and tradeshows on three continents – Asia (ShanghaiMart), Europe (Brussels International Trade Mart), and North America (Dallas Market Center), totaling more than 11 million square feet, more than any other single international company. Within the MCMC trade centers and tradeshows, customers from around the globe source products directly from manufacturers including home furnishings, gifts, decorative accessories and lighting to textiles, fashion accessories, and apparel. The dozens of trade events each year hosted by MCMC are attended by hundreds of thousands of customers from all 50 states and more than 78 countries. MCMC’s website is available at www.marketcentermanagement.com.

About RFID in Healthcare Consortium

The RFID in Healthcare Consortium (RHCC) is an international, educational,  not-for-profit, organization.   The Consortium was founded on September 13th, 2008 to initially address EMI issues with RFID & RTLS technologies but has recently transformed itself into a fully-fledged trade organization. The Consortium is an educationally focused, vendor neutral, technology and frequency agnostic, organization dedicated to promoting the use and adoption of RFID and RTLS technologies in the healthcare, assisted living and nursing home industries. For more information visit http://www/rfidinhealthcare.org