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The Real Money is in the ACO, Not Meaningful Use
As part of a series of posts that John’s doing about Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s) John started an interesting discussion about where the money is in healthcare. We see so many EHR companies and doctors chasing after meaningful use dollars, when the reality could very well be that they’re spending a lot of time and money on something that has a limited and short lived pay out. Instead, many of them should consider focusing on the rapidly changing ACO environment since it will likely have long range and a dramatic impact on their financial future.

EHR Technical Breaches, Great Human and Computer Collaborations, and EMR in India
The number of people tweeting about EMR and health care IT is on the upswing. John posts about some of his most interesting finds in the health care twittersphere this past week. He adds his own commentary on the topics as well, such as disagreeing that the use of Cloud will increase security breaches and agreeing that EMRs should be on the “Six Great Human and Computer Collaborations” list.

Veriphyr HIT Gives Littlest Victims of Patient Identity Theft a Fighting Chance
Adults aren’t the only ones that are susceptible to identity theft; children are some of the biggest targets these days. A recent study revealed that 10% of 40,000 children become victims. Veriphyr HIT recently donated a patient privacy breach detection system to a Minnesota hospital, and Jennifer Dennard decided to follow up on the motives behind this. Alan Norquist, CEO of Veriphyr, discussed with her his feelings on why there have been many hospital breaches recently, the time frame for the donation, and more.

Smart Phone Health Care 
Behavior Change May Be the Holy Grail of mHealth, but Should it Be?
Recently, an article was written by Sara Jackson titled mHealth’s Holy Grail: Behavior change. Over at Smart Phone HC this week, David discusses his thoughts on the article. According to David, he believes that the “human element” that is integrated into many apps today really needs to be human and that the best apps encourage behavior change after the use of the app is discontinued. Can the lack of human interaction with certain apps just make some issues worse? Express your thoughts on the matter over at Smart Phone HC.

EMR and EHR Videos
Nuesoft Podcast Series; Medical Practice Design: Meeting Practical Needs While Improving Patient Comfort
Jeffrey K. Griffin is a LEED certified architect that specializes in health care facilities. In this video he talks about different qualities that should be considered when designing (or in some cases, re-designing) a patient care facility. Topics such as sustainability, current trends in products and features, and what to avoid during this process are discussed.

EMR Thoughts
New York eHealth Collaborative Opens Application for Accelerator Program
The NYeC applications are now available for its accelerator program, New York Digital Health Accelerator. Companies that are selected for this program will receive up to $300,000 and have access to technology experts, NYeC-led EHR/HIE Interoperability Workgroup, and more. Check out this post on EMR thoughts for more information; the deadline to apply is coming up on June 1st.

Hospital EMR and EHR
Using PHR To Correct Provider Drug Lists Can Improve Safety
Medication list discrepancies is a problem to occurs more often than it should. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association found that when a patient reviewed their medication list through a linked PHR, the likelihood of unexplained errors dropped significantly. This raises the question of if patients should be shown their information located in their provider’s EMR. Also, would enough patients be willing to review PHR information? The discussion on this topic is over at Hospital EMR and EHR this week.

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