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HIPAA Applies To Those Who Don’t Know About It
Anyone who knows the rules of HIPAA should be held accountable for breaking them, right? According to a new appellate decision in California, even those who don’t know the rules could be punished. A recent ruling on a case did just that. Read about United States v Zhou and find out if you might be doing something illegal and not realizing it.

Meaningful Health IT News
Mark Versel, 19244-2012
With the recent death of his father, Meaningful Health IT News writer, Neil Versel, has dedicated himself to educating people about patient safety and multiple system atrophy (MSA), which ultimately claimed his father’s life. MSA is similar to Parkinson’s Disease, only more aggressive and fast-acting. During the last weeks of his life, Versel’s father, Mark, was treated at a local community hospital and Georgetown University Hospital. The differences in care between the two are startling, and the lack of appropriate care the community hospital hurt his father in his frail state. Read more about why Versel wants to educate the world about MSA and patient safety to make sure others don’t receive similar care to what his father did.

Smart Phone Health Care
Losing Weight on the Go: Keep Food Diary Easier than Ever
Recording meals and exercise have shown to increase weight loss. However, who wants to carry around a pen and paper everywhere? Luckily, there has been many apps created recently to make tracking food easier than ever. Check out the benefits of doing so and which apps top the chart.

EHR and EMR Videos
PrimeSUITE by Greenway Medical: Usability through Innovation
“When we consider usability we really take it down to a very simple philosophy, and that is, having the information always available to the users at their fingertips. . . The fewest number of clicks to get to information.” PrimeSUITE takes pride in the usability of their systems and discuss how innovation leads to more usability.

Hospital EMR and EHR
EMR Gap Grows Between Large, Small Hospitals
While Meaningful Use incentives have boosted the adoption of EMR, the gap between large and small hospitals continues to grow. Smaller hospitals may get further behind in the Meaningful Use stages because of the lack of resources for a high-volume of patient information. Discover the reasons behind the gap, and the suggestions being made to help smaller hospitals reach the requirements of Meaningful Use.

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