NextGen Healthcare Selected by Norton Sound Health Corporation to Enhance Rural Patient Care

Horsham, Pa. – May 15, 2012 – NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Quality Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: QSII) and a leading provider of healthcare information systems and connectivity solutions, today announced a new agreement with Norton Sound Health Corporation (NSHC) to deploy NextGen® Ambulatory EHR, NextGen® Practice Management, NextGen® Inpatient Solutions, and other NextGen® solutions throughout the organization. This agreement further strengthens NextGen Healthcare’s position as one of the leading providers of information technology (IT) solutions for tribal health services nationwide.

Headquartered in Nome, Alaska, NSHC serves the Bering Strait region in the northwestern part of the state. The network has a health center in each of the 15 remote villages throughout the region, and implementation of NextGen Healthcare technologies will further ensure consistent care across the region.

Currently, providers at the village health centers rely on the Alaska Community Health Aid Practitioner Manual (CHAM) to aid in diagnoses, which is not integrated with any electronic health records (EHR) system. The implementation of NextGen Ambulatory EHR allows NSHC to use customized templates for the top 20 diagnoses and procedures outlined in the CHAM.

Additionally, NSHC is slated to expand its patient services by opening an 18-bed hospital in November that will provide the region with increased out-patient services in dental, audiology, behavioral health and ophthalmology care. When the facility opens, it will use NextGen Healthcare’s inpatient product line, including NextGen® Inpatient Clinicals and NextGen® Inpatient Financials, to create a seamless care continuum across the enterprise. This solution, combined with the technology NSHC is currently implementing, lays the groundwork for physicians to easily communicate and work with the new facility to improve patient care.

“Our organization sought a high level of customization and flexibility in an EHR and practice management system, and we had a short timeframe to find and implement a system – especially as we prepare to open the new hospital later this year, “said Dave Hodges, chief information officer at NSHC. “NextGen Healthcare understood and met our challenge by working closely with us to address our specific needs and deadlines. We are confident that implementing NextGen’s leading solutions will not only help us attest for Meaningful Use, but also improve the connectivity and communications between physicians, patients and our entire health system.”

NextGen Practice Management will further aid in increasing productivity by eliminating the current paper-based record keeping systems. Providers will use mobile devices to remotely access patient records, which will improve connectivity and real-time response rates, especially in emergency situations.

“Our health system covers a very large area with many remote villages that are hard to reach, so having accessible technology that makes it easier for doctors to respond quickly to patients is imperative,” said Deven Parlikar, president and CEO of NSHC. “Our patients have always been our top priority, so being able to provide the latest technology will help us to provide the highest level of care.”

“NSHC has had the distinct, ongoing challenge of serving patients throughout northern Alaska, which requires solutions that will help optimize the delivery of patient care and better communicate across the organization,” said Scott Decker, president of NextGen Healthcare. “We remain committed to serving tribal and urban groups throughout the nation, and providing tools to customize our broad technology platform to fit each organization’s specific needs so they can successfully serve their respective communities. This flexibility within our solutions portfolio is among the key advantages of the diverse NextGen platform.”

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Norton Sound Health Corporation (NSHC) was founded in 1970 and is a Tribally owned and operated, independent, not-for-profit health care organization that represents all communities and areas of the Bering Strait region, a 44,000 square-mile section of northwestern Alaska. NSHC is quickening the pace of positive change by refocusing its system to put patients, clients, and communities first. NSHC’s mission is to “Provide quality health services and promoting wellness within our people and environment.” For more information, visit

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