Ievo Fingerprint Reader with Lumidigm MSI Sensor Receives Raves from Benchmark

“…with regard to scan credibility, the MSI sensor is certainly the best we’ve seen!” —Benchmark magazine, May 2012

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – May 15, 2012 – Lumidigm today announced that Benchmark magazine, after conducting a competitive test of fingerprint readers, concluded, “use of the MSI technology, and the consistency with which it performed in conditions that would see other units simply fail really does set the [Lumidigm] technology apart from its peers.

The May 2012 article in the British journal begins, “One of the biggest issues with biometrics-based fingerprint readers is that many models will struggle to obtain a clear and usable scan if the digit being presented is damp, dirty or damaged.  This is because most sensors rely on an optical scan only.  However, multispectral imaging (MSI) [from Lumidigm] can provide a more robust solution.

Lumidigm partner Ievo™ submitted its Ultimate™ reader with the Lumidigm sensor for the Benchmark test. Ievo Managing Director Shaun Oakes reports, “Benchmark is known for its rigorous testing methods and independent reviews. We welcomed the opportunity to show what the superior Lumidigm technology brings to our fingerprint reader and to our customers.”

“This review verifies for many people what we already knew from field experience,” asserts Lumidigm Vice President, Transaction Systems Bill Spence.  “Now, independent testing confirms the superior fingerprint reading capabilities that Lumidigm technology brings to any application.  Customers expect better performance now and Lumidigm is providing it.”

A video of the reviewed product, available at, demonstrates the fingerprint reader being subjected to various real world conditions, including damp and wet, dry and dirty. Lumidigm technology extracts unique fingerprint characteristics from both the surface and subsurface of the skin, allowing results that are more consistent, more inclusive and more tamper resistant than conventional technologies.

About Benchmark

Benchmark is a monthly publication dedicated to security technology. The only publication of its type, Benchmark is totally focused on delivering tests, assessments and reviews of products, systems and technologies. It has been designed solely for the needs of security installers, system integrators, specifiers, consultants and security managers involved in making buying decisions relating to products and systems. Benchmark is the fastest growing publication in the security market today!

About Ievo

Leveraging over a decade of biometric experience, Ievo develops biometric solutions for the access control market.  Their background has driven them to consider all aspects of biometric installation in the design of their products, from the specification process and installation all the way through to the end user experience. The newest offering delivers a minimalist, reliable and fit-for-purpose solution that allows seamless integration and works alongside currently installed systems using card/fob/PINs, as opposed to looking to replace whole systems.  Ievo ensures that the best sensor is used and all other components are of the highest quality possible, including the world’s leading algorithm.  Coupled with its low cost, the Ievo solution takes biometrics into new markets that have previously withdrawn from or have not been suitable for biometrics due to the low quality of traditional products.  Located in the United Kingdom, Ievo readers are currently available direct to trade customers in the UK and globally.

About Lumidigm

Lumidigm Inc., a global authentication solutions company, is dedicated to enabling convenient, secure, and reliable identification of people, products and credentials.  Lumidigm’s multispectral imaging technology and innovative software work in real world applications for those customers that need to know “who” or “what” to a high degree of certainty.  Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Lumidigm’s biometric fingerprint sensors and optically enhanced machine vision solutions have met the needs of customers across the globe for physical and logical access control in markets such as banking, healthcare, entertainment and theme parks, and government and civil ID.  Lumidigm and our strategic partners are working on solutions for industrial, commercial, and transportation applications.  For more information, visit